Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Addictions and Mental Health Treatment Curriculum



Liberal Arts Core (54/55 credits)*
General Elective Requirements (as needed)**

Criminal Justice Administration Major Requirements (48 Credits):

CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 175 Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation
CJ 201 Criminal Law
CJ 216 Women & the Criminal Justice System -OR- CJ 218 Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ 221 Research Methods I for CJ
CJ 272 Probation and Parole -OR- CJ 274 Corrections and Rehabilitation
CJ 275 Criminology
CJ 301 Organized Crime -OR- CJ 309 White Collar Crime
CJ 302 Judicial Process and Procedures
CJ 377 Juvenile Justice System
CJ 379 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJ 403 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice
CJ 408 CJS Agency Practicum (6 credits)
CJ 422 Crisis Management
CJ Approved Electives (3 credits)

Addictions and Mental Health Treatment Minor Requirements (18 Credits):

AMH 201 Foundations of Chemical Dependency
AMH 202 Origins of Mental Illness
AMH 203 Neuropharmacology
AMH 303 Counseling Techniques I
AMH 330 Crisis Intervention
Elective Courses (6 credits)
AMH ___ Elective from one area of concentration
AMH ___ Elective from one area of concentration

*Students entering the program with 70+ credits or an associates degree must complete 30/31 Liberal Arts Core credits.

**A total of 123 credits including 3 credits in a human diversity course are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree. To adhere to Franciscan Values, community service hours are also required. In addition, at least 30 credits at the 300/400 level must be taken at Alvernia University.
Criminal Justice Administration with Addictions and Mental Health Treatment Minor