As I write, the Flynns are enjoying Thanksgiving weekend with our son, Daniel, a college junior who, like his Alvernia counterparts, has plenty of school work to remind him that exams and paper deadlines are fast approaching.

My own semester has gone rapidly and happily. The many “listening and learning” sessions have deepened my appreciation for Alvernia and our people. Good will and good ideas are in abundance. (My next column will report on the main themes from these sessions—what I have learned—and on some of my own thoughts.) I feel thankful to be your president. 

Besides enjoying time with family at Thanksgiving and giving thanks for family, friends, and other blessings, I find Thanksgiving to be the perfect prelude to Advent, the season of preparation. Giving thanks takes on special meaning when we reflect on the ongoing war in Iraq and the poverty, privation, and injustice on display in our Gulf Coast states, across our own land, and around the world. For Christians, Advent calls us to appreciate in a special way the presence of Christ among us and challenges us to live our faith in a way that is justice-seeking. And at Advent, and throughout the year, we are joined in this quest for lives of spiritual meaning and service by those of other faiths and by all women and men of good will. 

A joyous Christmas and holiday season to all in the Alvernia College community.

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