Guided by Franciscan core values, Alvernia University is ready to provide a lending hand to Cabrini students affected by the recent news of the university’s closure. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family as you decide on your educational future. At Alvernia, we are prepared to provide a smooth transition for both undergraduate and graduate students. As an institution that shares similar values, we are prepared to make Alvernia your new home.

Why Choose Alvernia?

Completion Scholarship and Graduate Discount
Alvernia University has established a $24,000 Alvernia-Cabrini Completion Scholarship for undergraduate students and a 20% discount for Cabrini graduate students.
Expedited Admissions
Cabrini students in good standing will be granted an expedited admissions process to Alvernia University. With a waived application fee, you can move-in and start classes this August!
Alvernia University Virtual Dissection Lab
Generous Credit Transfer
Alvernia’s credit transfer policy can help Cabrini students complete their education. Our dedicated admissions counselors will provide personalized meetings and work with you to determine how your credits will transfer into Alvernia’s programs.


Program Finder

With over 50 undergraduate majors and minors and 30+ accelerated bachelor and graduate degree programs, Alvernia has many programs equivalent or comparable to Cabrini’s programs. Check out each program listed below. If you don’t see your program, contact us to discuss your options.


Undergraduate Programs

For a full listing of undergraduate majors and minors please click here.

Graduate Programs

For a full listing of available graduate, online, certificate and accelerated bachelor's degree programs, please click here.


Margarita Cornejo Jimenez Alvernia University Student
Transferring Success
“If you are looking for a university that not only provides you with credits to graduate, but goes above and beyond for you to succeed, then look no further. Alvernia not only has great programs, but also has attentive professors who are willing to help no matter the time of day.”

Margarita Cornejo-Jimenez, Transfer Graduate

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

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For all students, the first step is to apply, which can be done easily online via our Alvernia University Application Portal or The Common Application. Once we have received your application for enrollment, we will guide you along the transfer path, from submitting transcripts to registering for classes.

  • Application instructions for high school seniors can be found here.
  • Application instructions for rising sophomore, junior and senior students can be found here.
  • Application instructions for graduate students can be found here.
Schedule a Visit

Alvernia has organized special transfer visit days and virtual information sessions for Cabrini University undergraduate and graduate students. Those dates are listed below:

  • Thursday, July 13 | Virtual Transfer Information Session for Graduate Students | 5pm

More dates/events to be added soon!

Want an individual visit?

  • Undergraduate students can schedule an individual transfer visit here.
  • Graduate students can schedule an individual transfer visit here.

The Alvernia Advantage

Residence Halls
Life on Campus
Alvernia, often called "the Vern," is always in motion. Immersing in a rich campus life, students enjoy a full calendar of activities and events, more than 55 clubs, intramural sports and student leadership and governance opportunities.
Biology students
Experiential Learning
Through experiential learning, students discover their passions and turn what they love into lifetimes of career success and personal fulfillment — helping them make a positive difference in the world and the lives of others.
John R. Post Center at Reading CollegeTowne
Learn how Alvernia University is innovating relationships with the community while expanding student offerings through its CollegeTowne initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know this is a stressful time and you may have a lot of questions. We have prepared some frequently asked questions to provide you some quick insight.


What are the latest updates from Cabrini?

To keep up to date, visit the Cabrini University Legacy Website.

How do I receive the Alvernia-Cabrini Completion Scholarship or 20% graduate program discount?

Alvernia University has established the Alvernia-Cabrini Completion Scholarship for undergraduate students. This $24,000 scholarship is designed to help reduce the financial burden for students making their transfer decisions. In addition, Alvernia will offer a 20% discount for Cabrini graduate students transferring to most Alvernia graduate programs. This discount is not eligible on Master of Education or Master of Social Work programs.

The Alvernia-Cabrini Completion Scholarship will be applied during the financial aid packaging portion of your application. Please add Alvernia University to your 2023-2024 FAFSA. If you have never filed a FAFSA, please email or call 610-796-8201 to speak to one of our dedicated financial aid counselors.

What is Alvernia’s credit transfer policy?

Alvernia’s credit transfer policy is positioned to assist Cabrini students in completing their education. Our dedicated admissions counselors will provide personalized meetings and work with you to determine how your credits will transfer into Alvernia’s programs.

What GPA is required to transfer?

Transfer students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Some programs require higher GPA requirements. Students must meet the academic requirements of their program for Alvernia to accept all transfer credits. Your dedicated admissions counselor will guide you through the process.

How quickly will I be able to transfer?

Admission decisions will be made in three days after we have received your application and official transcripts.

I’m an athlete. Will I be able to participate in athletics?

Alvernia has over 30 men’s and women’s athletics programs that compete at the NCAA Division III level in the Mid-American Conference (MAC). Alvernia offers the same athletic programs as Cabrini except for Men’s Swimming, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Rowing and Women’s Swimming. Recent additions include Men’s and Women’s ice hockey, Women’s Wrestling, Women’s Bowling and Esports. Alvernia coaches are helping Cabrini student-athletes find a new home on our courts, fields, rinks and arenas. If you are a current Cabrini student-athlete, please be sure to complete the NCAA Division III Self Release Form or add your name to the NCAA Transfer portal and email the coach of your sport. For more information on becoming a Golden Wolf, please visit

I was planning on living on campus. Can I do that at Alvernia?

Yes, we should be able to house you in one of our three first-year student residence halls, three transitional student halls or five upper-class students residence halls and townhouses. Students who are accepted only need to fill out a housing application and make a housing deposit to secure a spot. More housing information and instructions will be provided by your dedicated admissions counselor and residence life staff.

I'm a current Cabrini Nursing student, what does a transfer to Alvernia look like for me?

Cabrini students would be admitted to the sophomore level after having successfully completed two of the four foundational science courses (equivalent to BIO 107/117 and BIO 108/118) and must take CHE 106/109 in the fall of 2023 followed by BIO 220 (Microbiology) in the spring of 2024, concurrent with their sophomore level NUR courses.

If I already have a roommate at Cabrini, can I room with that student at Alvernia?

Yes. As long as both students meet transfer admissions requirements, our admissions counselors and residence life staff will work on finding roommates a new living situation.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Undergraduate Students: The dedicated Admissions Counselor for undergraduate students is Arielle Phillips-Law ‘18. Arielle can be reached at or 610-796-8207. You also can call the main admissions line at 610-796-8269 or email

Graduate Students: The dedicated Admissions Counselor for graduate students is Kelly Burr. Kelly can be reached at or 610-796-8296. You can also contact the Graduate and Adult Education admissions office at 610-796-5178 or

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