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Alvernia Advantage Strategic Plan (2020-25)

Alvernia's Strategic Plan, the Alvernia Advantage, has since 2020 provided a framework in which to define the university's new direction and continued growth as a comprehensive regional university. The strategic plan builds on the university's strengths and values while focusing attention and resources in a student-centric approach. The structure of the plan is multidimensional and focuses on five pillars as outlined below. You can reference the full version of the strategic plan and the corresponding objectives and goals here

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Alvernia Advantage Pillars

Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Motherhouse
Franciscan Identity and Values
Through its direct connection to the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters, the foundresses of the University, Alvernia is directly connected to the larger historical and spiritual Franciscan legacy founded in the thirteenth century by Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare of Assisi. Alvernia is focused on producing new avenues for Franciscan life and expression in the U.S. and around the globe.
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Academic Experience
The academic experience of the student at the University goes far beyond what happens in individual classrooms or courses. Although academics are central to the mission of the University, the student experience at Alvernia will be shaped by everything they encounter. In the classroom, students will be engaged and challenged, developing the skills they need to be successful upon graduation.
Reading Youth Initiative
Community Engagement
As a private institution working for the public good, Alvernia University is built upon a commitment to the community, evidenced, in part, by the development of high value partnerships. As good stewards of limited resources, Alvernia University actively seeks, and engages with, community partners to create mutually beneficial relationships.
Trading Lab at Alvernia University's downtown Reading location
Student Experience
Alvernia takes a holistic approach to the student experience, encouraging students to expand their horizons and participate fully in the life of the University through their participation in residence life, athletics, and co-curricular activities. A renewed focus on community partnerships allows Alvernia to offer a world-class, transformational (mind, body, spirit, and community) and affordable student experience.
EcoHouse the Traveler Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
The concept of stewardship aligns with a Franciscan perspective on sustainability when one views the environment as God’s creation. Sustainability includes four interlinked dimensions: Environmental Responsibility (e.g., energy and water conservation, recycling, transportation, green space); Social Equity (e.g., shared decision making, sense of community, diverse campus community; equitable pay); Economic Health (e.g., purchasing locally manufactured items, hiring people from within the local community); and Cultural Vitality (e.g., values, heritage, sense of place, and retaining and respecting traditions).