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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Students who provide recent and appropriate documentation of disabilities are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations. The types of available accommodations will vary based on the nature of the disability and course content. To obtain accommodations, the student must:

  • Inform the Disability Services Coordinator of the disability;
  • Provide current and appropriate documentation that describes the nature of the disability and supports the type of accommodations requested; Fill out a Release of Information Form,
  • Meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to complete an accommodations letter that defines what classroom accommodations are appropriate; and
  • Request that the accommodation letters be generated each semester and deliver copies to course instructors.

ADA records are maintained by the Disability Services Coordinator.

Alvernia University does not exclude, solely by reason of disability, any otherwise qualified individual from participation in nor deny such an individual the benefits of, nor subject such an individual to discrimination under, any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

For questions, concerns, or to request a review for accommodations, students should first contact:
Darla Timberlake
ADA Coordinator
Bernardine Hall Room 105C

If concerns arise around granted academic accommodations you can contact:
Dr. Jerry Greiner
Interim Provost
Francis Hall

If concerns arise around granted non-academic accommodations you can contact:
Dr. John McCloskey
Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Life
Student Center 212

For questions or concerns, faculty, staff, and student employees should contact:
Human Resources
Alvernia University
400 St. Bernardine Street
Reading, PA 19607

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