Enhancing the community

The PLEX: Enhancing the community

The PLEX and East Campus project will be the latest in a series of improvements Alvernia has made to Angelica Park and the surrounding neighborhood that have greatly enhanced the area’s appeal and improved the neighborhood’s value. In addition to establishing a popular disk golf course and regularly maintaining park facilities through lawn care and trash removal, Alvernia is repaving St. Bernardine Street, the main roadway that runs through the park. The university is also replacing an aging bridge that will allow buses and fire safety vehicles to use the road.

Alvernia has always viewed its role as a community partner, a concept that is vital to its mission. That partnership takes many forms including initiatives that have a positive economic impact on the region and city of Reading like voluntary payments made in lieu of taxes, and services rendered in lieu of taxes, (including maintaining Angelica Park and rental discounts given to the Reading Police Academy which is located on Alvernia’s campus). The value of those initiatives is more than $150,000 a year.

the plex

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