Special Education (Dual Certification)

Special Education | Dual Certification

“My relationships with the special education faculty lasted throughout college and into my full-time job. I feel like I can still go to them for advice in the field!”—Kirsten Goeb ’07, Special Education Teacher, Foundation Academy Charter School, Trenton, N.J.


Alvernia University is dedicated to the ideals of service in the helping professions. The Special Education program combines a sound liberal arts background with field work and studies in human growth and development, curriculum, methods, and materials.

Approved by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education, the Special Education program requires coursework and other requirements leading to a dual certification in both Special Education (Pre K-8) and Early Childhood Education in Math and English/Language/Reading in order to be “most highly qualified” according to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The design of the dual certification program allows candidates to gain the theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills necessary in today’s world of special education.

The Special Education curriculum prepares graduates to effectively deal with those students with “special needs” that are included in the regular classroom, along with preparing them to teach students in most special education classrooms that are pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.

Contact Information

Mary Schreiner, Ph.D.

Chair, Education Department
Associate Professor of Education

     Upland Center,
     Room 107
     Phone: 610.568.1520

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special education (dual certification)

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