Behavioral Health

Message from the Chair

Alvernia was one of the first colleges to respond to the need for professional preparation and development in the prevention and treatment of addiction with our Addiction Studies major. News coverage gives us daily evidence that the problem relating to Substance Abuse and Addiction continues to grow. Personal stories we hear account for still another measure of how this problem and the lives it destroys, can impact those close to us. Coupling theoretical approaches with practical application has allowed our graduates to be highly sought after and valued by employers. 

Our Mission

In recognizing the physical, emotional, and spiritual destruction that occurs with people suffering from behavioral health problems, it is the mission of the Behavioral Health program to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and proficiencies needed to enter the professions related to the prevention, intervention, and treatment.


The Behavioral Health degree is one of the most versatile degrees found at the college or university level. It was established to provide a core of expertise for those individuals seeking administrative, counseling and casework positions in areas such as Addictions Treatment, Mental Illness, and Child Welfare. This unique yet expansive major is the outgrowth of community agencies needing to employ individuals with a broader base of expertise. This degree, with its different areas of concentration, is designed to build the professional competence needed to address today’s various and complex issues.

The program’s commitment to excellence is exemplified through its recruitment and faculty selection. The Behavioral Health faculty includes national educators and published professionals, as well as top-level administrators who are actively involved with changes occurring in healthcare. This highly trained faculty provides an educationally rich and extremely interesting classroom experience.

Students are able to complement their classroom education with two field placements. This practicum field experience gives the Behavioral Health major valuable exposure to work environments prior to graduation.

As the need to address problems related to behavioral health increases, the demand for highly qualified degreed individuals will continue to grow stronger.

All behavioral health courses are approved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB).

Contact Information


David Reyher

   Veronica Hall 4

behavioral health

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