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Theatre is a collaborative art form, combining the written word of the literary artist, the visual insight of the designer, the speech and movement of the actor, and the interpretation, style, movement patterns and overall guidance of the director. Alvernia University theatre students receive instruction in acting, directing, stage design, technical production, and theatre history.

Francis Hall, the historical landmark of the university and home to Alvernia’s theatre program received a face lift in 2010. The newly renovated Francis Hall Auditorium, a theatre and recital hall, provides a first-class venue for many Alvernia performances. The theatre allows for flexible performance space, including traditional and theatre-in-the-round stages.

Be sure to visit our Theatre Club page and check out our past productions.

Alvernia Theatre will produce multiple plays in rotation, fall 2014:

“Low Level Panic”
Nov 8, 13, 15 at 8 p.m.

“Puppets at the Fairground” (with ”A Merry Death”)
Nov 6 and 14 at 8 p.m., Nov 9 and 16 at 2 p.m.

All shows will take place in Francis Hall Theater and are free to Alvernia students, faculty, and staff.

About the plays:

“Low Level Panic” by Clare McIntyre is a play that centers on three young women – Jo, Mary, and Celia – who are flat-mates in London. This is a play that takes a candid and forthright look at women, how women are portrayed in media, body image, and sexuality. In the play, the character Mary has recently been the victim of violent assault and the ways in which the women do or don’t respond to this fact reveals much about them and the society in which they live. Media images of women is an undeniable force in the lives of these women, affecting them in ways that range from the imperceptible to utterly devastating. This play deals with mature themes and includes frank language.

“Puppets at the Fairground” is a play with dance. One of Russia’s outstanding turn of the (20th) century poets, Alexander Blok, wrote a farce about traditional theatrical characters Pierrot, Columbina, and Harlequin. As a character, Harlequin is a precursor of Bugs Bunny. Pierrot is the white-faced clown seen in many a curio shop. Blok wrote a farce about love, life, and death and included a lot of dance. The show will include a Dancing Bear! The curtain-raiser will be a short Harlequinade called “A Merry Death.” If Harlequin sleeps more hours than he parties in one day, he’ll die. Harlequin is still asleep. Oh no! What will happen? If Harlequin dies, you may be sure it will be “A Merry Death.” This production will be family friendly with some cartoon-like violence.

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Nathan Thomas Associate Professor of Theatre, Russian Drama, Creativity, Arts Management

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