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New students (freshmen) to the university can opt to live in one of our five residential living learning housing communities (while space is available) or be placed in unthemed housing based on their housing applications. If you know of another student attending Alvernia as a new student, you may request that person as a roommate on your Housing Application. If you are requesting a roommate and to live in a living learning community, your roommate must also select the same living learning community. We always hope that all roommate matches will result in lasting friendships. However, if things don’t work out, room change requests will be considered after the first two weeks of classes have been completed.

Alvernia University is committed to providing a living environment that support first year students’ academic achievement, personal interests, and/or co-curricular needs. Alvernia offers two distinctive types of communities for students to choose from:

  • Curricular or Academic Communities
  • Co-Curricular Communities

We offer 5 different communities that fall into one of these two categories. First year students can apply to live in one of these communities through the Alvernia Residential Communities (ARC) portal while completing their application. Transfer students will be placed in the transfer student community and housed with other transfer students

Curricular or Academic Communities

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Alvernia's Curricular or Academic Communities offer first year students the opportunity to live in a community with students of similar majors and academic coursework. This type of community allows first year students the opportunity to create study groups, develop relationships with the Learning and Educational Planning Centers, and focus on their academic coursework. There are two Academic Communities: (1) Pulse and (2) Scholars Den.

Students in this community will have academic interests in the health care field. The community will explore service opportunities, discussion, and programs that link studies in health care to the greater world. Pulse is housed in Veronica Hall.

Students in this community will have a strong dedication to their academic pursuits; either through the honors program at Alvernia or significant academic achievements in high school. This community will allow first year students the opportunity to create study groups, develop relationships with the Learning and Educational Planning Centers/Alvernia Faculty and focus on their academic coursework. This community will be housed in Clare Hall.

Co-Curricular Communities

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Alvernia's Co-Curricular Communities offer first year students the opportunity to live in a community that engages them in the mission and spirit of the university through activities that focus on the student's transitioninto college. These types of communities allow first year students to experience living with individuals that have similar interest, while exploring their community theme. There are three Co-Curricular Communities: (1) #DoWellDoGood, (2) Mission: Alvernia, and (3) Athlead.

This community will explore questions about society, privilege, diversity, and the power of a college education. Students will have the opportunity to attend programs, discussions, and service projects that help them to discover their place in the world and how best to help others/make a difference in the world around us. This community will be housed in Clare Hall.

Students in this community will focus on the Franciscan mission and core values (Humility, Collegiality, Contemplation, Service, and Peacemaking) of the university. They will learn an appreciation of our heritage through service projects and interaction with our Bernardine and Franciscan roots.  This community will be housed in Francis Hall.

Alvernia University invites incoming Crusader athletes to take part in a dynamic learning community as part of your first-year experience. Students selected to participate in the Athlead living-learning community will join a community a student-athletes who want to achieve both in the classroom and in their respective sport. Being a member of Athlead will help you meet students who share similar interests and who understand the demands that come with being a Division III student-athlete. Athlead is housed in Clare Hall


To access the Alvernia Residential Communities (ARC) Portal, please click on the logo above. 

residence life

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