Village 3-Academic Village


Built in 2012, Village 3-Academic Village is an apartment style residence hall which houses approximately 100 upper class students. Village 3-Academic Village is single sex based on apartment. Village 3 is a four-story Founders Village apartment with an elevator, business center and study box on the ground floor, and television lounge off the first floor lobby. Village 3 houses the Upper Class Area Resident Director Office and is located close to the I-Parking Lot and Turf Field.

Each apartment has double and single bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen area (with refrigerator, oven, and microwave), and bathroom.

Bedrooms are supplied with one bed, dresser, desk, and closet for each person residing in the room.


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Village 3 offers:

  • soda machine
  • laundry room (free for student use)
  • television lounge
  • study box
  • elevator access to the Student I Parking Lot

Village 3-Academic Village Building Information

Class Level: Junior, Senior, & 5th Year Occupational Therapy program students are housed in Village 3. 

Residential Communities: Village 3 houses the Academic Village.

Types of Apartments: Village 3 has sixteen 4 person apartments, six 5 person apartments, and three 2 person efficiencies.

Air Conditioning: Village 3 is air-conditioned and has a thermostat to control the temperature in the living unit.

Window Treatments:


Bedroom Closet Width:

Sheets: Mattresses are extra long twin.

Appliances: One internet jack is available per resident.  Each bedroom is allowed one microwave, one small refrigerator, and one coffee pot with automatic shut-off.

Bathroom: Each apartment has a toilet, shower, and sink/vanity.

Furniture: Each resident will have one adjustable bed, desk, desk chair and closet. In the common space, there is soft couches provided, a dining room table with chairs, a coffee table and tv stand.

Bed: 30” maximum height of adjustable bed

Elevator: Buildings is equipped with an elevator.

Laundry: A common laundry room is available for students. Laundry on campus is free for students.


2018-2019 Village 3 Staff

Resident Director: Kevin Battersby (

Senior Resident Assistant: Kyle Farrell

Resident Assistants: Chloe Gletow and Heather Wanner

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