Student Government Association

What does SGA do? SGA works to increase student awareness of the Student Government Association, voice student concerns to both faculty and administration, build a solid foundation between the students and administration, provide active and diverse social atmosphere throughout the university community, and continuously support and fund student club and organization initiatives. SGA has recently helped fund new energy efficient washers and dryers in the residence halls, the new disc golf course at Angelica Park, and the student newspaper, the Alvernian.

How can I run for a class office? At the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters, elections are held for class representatives, senior class officers and executive board positions. To run for a class officer or class representative you must have at least a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing with community standards. The official “Intent to Run Form” must be completed and turned in to Abby Swatchick, the SGA Advisor by the established date. All candidates must publicize for their campaign and hang up a minimal of 5 flyers around campus. All those who wish to run for an elected position must also attend the “Open Forum,” allowing students within the Alvernia community the opportunity to question each candidate. Look for signs around campus and for e-mails for more information about elections.
How can I run for executive board? Running for an executive position follows the same guidelines as above, however, all those who wish to be executive board candidates must have served on SGA for one full year to run for executive board.

Why are there club representatives? SGA has club representatives because clubs are essential to the growth of the Alvernia community. Club representatives serve as an intermediary between the clubs and the rest of the student body. Club representatives are also able to announce specifics about their club meetings and about what their clubs will be doing during the academic year. Club representatives are the liaison between SGA and each club, and the student body as a whole.

Where are meetings? Meetings are held in Thursday in Bernardine Hall Room 1019 at 2:45pm unless otherwise stated.

Who should I contact if I can’t make a meeting? You should contact Gabby Albanesius by e-mail at

How many absences can I have a semester? Attendance is required at all Student Government meetings (full and committee meetings). If for any reason you will not be present, please inform the SGA Secretary. After any SGA member has more than 3 unexcused absences from meetings, the paperwork will begin to remove club privileges. If you are absent from an SGA meeting, you can find the agenda on the T Drive under, T:\SGA\Agendas, and the minutes under T:\SGA\Minutes. Failure to attend meetings and required functions may result in removal from position or denial of funding for that particular club/organization.

Are there any events I have to attend?
Members of student clubs and organizations are required to attend the Annual Club Fair and Accepted Students Day. SGA Representatives are required to attend Christmas on Campus and Spring Fling. At the Annual Club Fair and Accepted Students Day, each club must have a table set up with a representative present in care there are any questions. For Christmas on Campus every club will be active in either set-up or clean-up for the event, or will have a craft tables for the children that attend. SGA representatives must work at a Spring Fling event. This could include working at the block party or having the club set-up or clean-up for the big act sponsored by SGA.
How does my club or organization ask for funding? Located on the T drive under SGA, there is a funding request form.  Funding requests are a way for student-run clubs and other establishments to request monetary assistance from SGA. The funding request will first be reviewed by the SGA Advisor and SGA Treasurer / Vice President before it is presented at a full SGA meeting. When a funding request is scheduled to be presented at a SGA meeting, the club representative must present the request to all of SGA. All funding requests must be submitted electronically to the SGA Advisor & Treasurer along with a completed signed copy of the request.

What is the Annual Re-registration form? Every academic year, a club that has already been formed, and was active and was in good standing with SGA at the end of the previous academic year must submit the Annual Club Re-registration form. The paperwork for the form is available on the T Drive under T:\SGA\Forms. All club members will be made aware of the due date. If any information has changed within your club (advisor, elected officers, etc), please let Abby Swatchick know immediately so that your club can still be contacted with any information pertaining to SGA.

What is the Annual Club Report? At the end of every academic year, active clubs must submit an annual club report. The report includes information about the clubs events, how the club is upholding the mission of the University, service that the club has done, and much more information from that academic year. Any club that does not submit a report will not be included in the overall packet of reports sent to the President of the University. The paperwork for the annual club reports is available on the T Drive under T:\SGA\Forms.

How do I form a club? A few key things must be presented to Student Activities in order to form a club. First, the correct paperwork for forming a club can be found on the T Drive under forms. After the application is complete, the student or advisor proposing the club must obtain the signatures that are required. The completed application form, and the club constitution must be submitted to the Student Activities Office. Once the office receives this, the clubs approval will then be held at the next full SGA meetings, as long as the application is submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

What are weekly club reports? Each week, each club representative must electronically submit a club report to the SGA Secretary. Club reports highlight the activities of each club. These can include upcoming events, meeting notes, or any other news that the club might have. If there is nothing to report, please e-mail that to the SGA Secretary.

Where can I report a campus concern? Any student, faculty, or staff member can report a campus concern at any full meeting of SGA. There is a time allocated during each full SGA meeting for campus concerns. Also, there is a link on the SGA webpage on the Alvernia website for campus concerns. You can also contact the SGA advisor, Abby Swatchick or President, Adam Butler with a concern. Contact information for both the advisor and president, along with the contact information for the SGA executive board, can be found on the SGA webpage on the Alvernia website.

How do I advertise on campus? All clubs and organizations can advertise on campus. All advertisements must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Activities. Flyers and posters may not be posted on painted surfaces, stairwells, glass surfaces, or attached to light fixtures or statues. The Posting and Advertising Policy is located in the student handbook which can be found on the Alvernia website.

How do I reserve a room for meetings or events? For any events or meetings that are held on campus, the rooms must be reserved by contacting Suzanne Miller at The application for the reservation is on the SGA T-Drive and must be filled out appropriately before sending to Suzanne.

**All necessary resources for club representatives and advisors can be located on the T Drive under T:\SGA.
**A link is also provided on the Alvernia University Website for SGA.
**Chapter 5 of the Student Handbook also includes information about clubs and SGA.
**SGA also has a facebook and twitter site

Student Government Association

student government association

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