Schuylkill Business Graduate Angela Boris

Angela Boris, a local Schuylkill County resident, earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Alvernia University’s Schuylkill Center, May 2016. Her decision to return to school has paid off, providing her the additional skillset to succeed as an accountant.  She is currently employed as an accountant with Empire Education Group, Inc., one of the largest centrally owned and operated cosmetology school systems in North America.
The choice to return to school as an adult can be a difficult one. Angela began her college pursuit as a young adult in 1991, but was unable to complete it at that time. After years of life experience and advancing within her career, she decided it was time to complete her degree and returned to Alvernia. “I knew that I had to do this for myself and with the help of family, friends and the guidance of the instructors, it really made me believe in myself and made me who I am today,” said Boris. “Life has changed for me with the knowledge I’ve gained in Accounting. There is still this thought to return for my Master’s degree to help achieve my goals in business and further my career.”

Angela Boris

Class of 2016

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

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