Ettiena Britt | Class of 2020 | Nursing Student

Ettieanna Britt | Nursing


Alvernia nursing student Ettieanna Britt ’20 credited her clinical experiences on a medical complexity unit, maternity unit, medical/surgical unit and in a long-term care facility with increasing both her skill-level and her confidence.

“Being able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom in a variety of clinical settings really boosted my confidence level. I’m excited to explore any opportunity offered.”

Britt's confidence and enthusiasm landed her a job, even before she graduated. "After graduating, I went to work for the Reading Hospital on T3, which is a medical complexity unity. I actually had clinical on this floor right before the pandemic. I got the job before I even graduated! It was awesome because that was one less thing I had to worry about. I worked on T3 for a year and learned so much. I ended up winning 3 daisy awards while I was there."

Britt plans to return to school and pursue a Doctorate degree. "I never want to stop learning!"

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