Approval of Research

Please note that approval of research is valid for one year from the original date of approval. Data collection not initiatied within the one year window will require a re-submission to the IRB for approval.

Upon submission, each proposal will be considered by the Board to be in one of the following categories:

  • Exempt: Requires no IRB review due to unobtrusive measures, previously existing data, or for other reasons. Proposal is returned to researcher immediately.
  • Expedited Review: No special population, relatively routine methodology. These proposals will be reviewed by the Graduate Assistant to the IRB to expedite decision-making. Notifications will be made to the researcher and faculty advisor within 7-10 business days upon receipt of completed proposal. ** Please note the any incomplete proposals will not be marked for review until all supporting documentation is submitted.
  • Full Review: Special population and/or innovative or high risk methodology. These proposals will be reviewed by the full Committee. Full Committee meetings are held monthly. Please refer to the meeting schedule for more information on submission and review dates.


Committee decisions include:

  • Approved: Researcher can begin his/her project
  • Incomplete: More information is needed before proposal can be considered
  • Conditionally Approved: Project may begin as soon as specified requirements are met (such as approval from another institution or official)             
  • Disapproved: Revisions are needed before proposal is reconsidered


Record Keeping:

  • Minutes will be recorded at every meeting.
  • Feedback to the researcher and advisor should be clear and timely, including written reasons for the Committee decisions.
  • The Committee Chair should provide regular updates to a designated individual (Provost)
  • Records should be kept for a specified period of time not to exceed 3 years.
Institutional Review Board