Director of Global Engagement

Job Summary:  

Provides vision and strategic leadership for International Student Recruitment, International Student Enrollment Management, and Study Abroad.  The Director ensures that Alvernia actively recruits international students for its graduate and undergraduate programs, works with those students to navigate the international enrollment process, and leads the orientation and support of those students when they arrive at Alvernia.  The Director also develops and promotes a wide variety of Study Abroad opportunities for Alvernia students, working closely with students, faculty members and outside providers to support Alvernia students having Real World Learning experiences abroad.   The Director also supports International Visiting Faculty at Alvernia, including the Chinese Language partnership. This position reports approximately 50% to the Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment for International Student recruitment, enrollment and support; and 50% to the Director of the Holleran Center for Study Abroad.

Essential Functions:

Provide leadership and vision to the recruitment, enrollment, and support of international students at Alvernia.

  • Serve as admissions representative for foreign undergraduate freshmen and transfer prospective students, seeing these students from inquiry through enrollment
  • Provide support and develop campus resources network for all international students in graduate and undergraduate programs while they are students at Alvernia University including arrival arrangements and check ins throughout the semester
  • Develop international student orientation program for fall and spring starts at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Process I20s for incoming foreign students at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Develop marketing, recruitment and communication plans for international students for every stage of the funnel
  • Conduct outreach to domestic high schools and community colleges as part of recruitment efforts for international students 
  • Manage the web presence for the international student pages
  • Liaison with international recruitment partners such as Learning House International and the Ivy Group

Promote, develop and support a wide variety of Study Abroad options for Alvernia Students.

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for Study Abroad at Alvernia
  • Work with outside providers to develop and steward both faculty-led and independent Study Abroad opportunities
  • Facilitate the application process for students to participate in study abroad opportunities offered by outside providers, including BCA Study Abroad, Sacred Heart University, Australian Catholic University, and others
  • Work with Alvernia Faculty to promote and develop a robust level of faculty-led programming abroad
  • Promote and facilitate students’ participation in Faculty-led study abroad opportunities.  This will include application, pre-departure and re-entry assistance, along with the management of Visa requirements, making travel arrangements, communicating about immunization or other items, and communicating as needed with the Registrar’s office, Student Billing, Student Financial Planning, faculty advisors, Health and Wellness, and other Alvernia departments as necessary to ensure all necessary requirements are met
  • Serve on the Real World Experience grant committee to evaluate applications to the RWE Grant Fund
  • Establish and maintain an active on-campus presence for Study Abroad, including developing interest sessions and fairs for students interested in studying abroad, and experience-sharing sessions through which students can share their global experiences with other students, faculty and staff
  • Manage the Global Engagement web and social media presences.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Establish strategic and long-term goals and assessment for the Office of Global Engagement, and coordinate the Office’s contributions to the work of Admissions and the Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement
  • Envisions and implements a model for Globally-related programming that provides students with opportunities for growth and development
  • Conduct program evaluation and assessment including articulating goals, objectives, and outcomes including data collecting and benchmarking; and report writing
  • Establish office policies and procedures, prepares regular reports, and collects and analyzes research data relevant to International Student Recruitment and Study Abroad
  • Oversee departmental budget and deploy resources to meet departmental objectives
  • Stay current on best practices in International Student recruitment and support, and in Study Abroad. 

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Participates in major HCCGE and University events as requested by the Director, HCCGE, AVP Admissions, Provost or President
  • Collaborate on researching and applying for various grants or funding requests related to Global Engagement
  • Represents HCCGE on committees and events as designated or approved by the Director.


  • Commitment to the mission statement, core values and goals of Alvernia University
  • 12 month full time administrative position with Master’s Degree preferred and Driver’s License required
  • Experience in higher education or demonstrated experience working with students, faculty and community partners and diverse populations. Knowledge of higher education, International student admissions and Study Abroad is desired
  • Excellent writing, public speaking and proven PC skills
  • Ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, independently and as part of a team, while maintaining positive relationships with faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners.

Physical Requirements:

  • Attendance is required in order to perform the duties of this job
  • Ability to lift 20 pounds or more.

Contact:               Human Resources

Posting Date:      January 4, 2019

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