James R. Klucsarits, MS

Assistant Professor of Biology

Professional Education

  • Bachelors of Science in Biology - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Master of Science in Biology - Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Courses taught

  • Biology I & II (BIO 103 & 104)
  • Environmental Issues (BIO 203)
  • General and Clinical Microbiology (BIO 220/221)
  • Microbiology (BIO 301)
  • Ecology (BIO 320)
  • Zoology (BIO 204)
  • Seminar (BIO 402)
  • Special Topics: Ornithology (BIO 390)


Web Sites of Interest


Research Interests

  • Long term study of reproductive success of American Kestrels
  • Local water quality monitoring
  • Forest fragmentation & acid rain effects on key species of songbirds & raptors


Since 1992, I have been involved in a long term monitoring project for the American Kestrel Nest Box Program with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association. The summer of 2013 included the contribution of another year of baseline field work results and a number of ancillary projects, involving post fledgling studies. Since 1992, I have volunteered 1,390 hours of field work, driven 17,877 miles, and banded 1,292 kestrels with FWS bands.  This project is for the conservation of and knowledge regarding this falcon residing in the farmlands and meadows within and surrounding Berks County. These results are published annually in the Kestrel Nest Box News by the Sanctuary, and distributed to supporters of this program. These falcons are currently declining in North America; our work has contributed data that resulted in a collaborative publication, in the Raptor Research Journal in 2009. Current projects include continued monitoring of the population each spring and summer: habitat studies, and post fledgling studies.


Pedagogical Interests

  • Teachers as students, students as teachers


Journals of Interest

  • Raptor Research Journal
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Science Journal
  • Environment Journal


Professional Organizations and Activities

  • Hawk Mt. Sanctuary Association (since 1982)
  • Raptor Research Federation (rejoined in 2007)
  • The American Kestrel Partnership (http://kestrel.peregrinefund.org/)
  • Volunteer Researcher for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association


Selected Publications and Presentations

 “Are American Kestrel Populations Declining in North America? Evidence from Nest Box Programs, Raptor Research Journal (43(4):274-282. 2009.  Co author with John Smallwood et al.A Photographic Timeline of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary’s American Kestrel Nestlings, James R. Klucsarits and Joshua J. Rusbuldt, Text and photograph copyright © 2007 by zippublishing.com. March 2007.

Joshua J. Rusbuldt, James R. Klucsarits, Sue Robertson, and Bob Robertson
Reproductive Success of American Kestrels Using Nest Boxes in Eastern Pennsylvania,
1992-2005, PA Birds, Vol. 20, No. 3, December 2006.

Katzner,T., Robertson,B., Klucsarits,J., McCarty,K., and Bildstein,K. J. Field. Ornithology 76(3): 217-226, 2005. Results from a long-term nest-box program for American Kestrels: Implications for improved population monitoring and conservation.



Spatial-temporal distribution of nest box usage and productivity for American Kestrels nesting in Eastern Pennsylvania, copresented at the 2012 North American Ornithological Council’s International Conference.

Nest box selection in Eastern Pennsylvanian American Kestrels (Falco sparverius): What constitutes an ideal next box habitat?  Copresented at the Duluth, Minnesota’s 2011 Raptor Research Federation (RRF) Annual Conference

A Population Update of American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) in Eastern Pennsylvania (2006-2010): Trends in Nest Box Use and Productivity, copresented at the 2010 conference- Fort Collins, Colorado September 22-26, Raptor Research Federation Annual Meeting


Contact Information

Jim R. Klucsarits

Assistant Professor of Biology

Bernardine Hall Room 120




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