Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)

Faculty Scholars

Faculty Scholars must create collaborative scholarly experience for Student Fellows. Faculty Scholars must work with Student Fellows to help develop their ideas and their research skills.  In addition, Faculty Scholars must also see themselves as mentors, and are encouraged in their regular meetings with Student Fellows, to talk about future goals and academic issues that relate to student development beyond the summer project (such as career goals, graduate school, conferences and publications, etc).   

Faculty Scholars must:

  • provide a written contract/compact similar to a syllabus that establishes tasks for the Student Fellow, timelines of completion, and ongoing assessment. 
    • The contract/compact must ensure clear expectations, communication, and accountability for the Student Fellows. 
    • It should be included in the proposal application.
    • It should be reviewed for mid and end of program progress reports.
  • provide adequate supervision for the project, including setting hours and schedules for Student Fellows (provided in proposal Timeline).
  • provide ongoing feedback to the Student Fellow on the quality of the work being done, including constructive guidance, and opportunities for the Student Fellow to engage in reflection on their work.
  • meet with Student Fellow on a regular basis, as determined by the timeline of project.
    • Recommended: once a week
  • provide two reports with assessment of the student project(s) and the overall experience to the  Program Coordinator: one at mid program and one at the end of the program.
  • assure students experience collaboration with Faculty Scholars and are not working alone.
  • provide mentorship on career development issues such as career goals (during undergraduate and after graduation), graduate school (possibility of pursuing such path, application process – when, what, how of selection of schools), attending conferences (expectations, preparations, budget, financing), and publications (expectations, authorship, writing style), etc. 
    • Recommended: meet once a week with goal to address this items and workshop content

Any major changes in the project should be reported to the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.

S.U.R.F. Program Coordinator

Dr. Erin Way
Psychology & Counseling
Upland Center 125
Phone: 610-685-3257

student undergraduate research fellows (s.u.r.f.)

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