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High School Counselors

We value our relationship with guidance counselors throughout Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region, and throughout the country. You provide an important educational service to prospective students and their families. We hope to work hand-in-hand with you to help you counsel students as to whether or not Alvernia might offer the right fit, and to ease the transition of moving from your school to our campus for those who make Alvernia their school of choice.

We recognize the current economic climate may present a considerable challenge to many of the talented students interested in Alvernia University. We have noticed the effect of the economy on our prospective students’ families. We also understand that many family’s circumstances have changed during the year or remain uncertain, and some students are reprioritizing the criteria they are using to make the college decision. Based on conversations with our prospective families and other Admissions Offices in the region, we realize that students are considering all options and in turn are taking longer to make final decisions about their college plans this year.

As you are talking to your students about their plans for next year, know that we understand these are challenging times. We are here to work with families to make attending Alvernia an achievable goal.

Personal attention is the hallmark of an Alvernia education. You'll find we can offer support to students who have potential, but have encountered some difficulties during their high school experience. On the other end of the spectrum, students who have excelled in high school may be invited by Alvernia to apply to our challenging honors program. We'll assist all students with reaching their full potential. It's an important part of our heritage.

Please call our admission counselors at any time. They're ready to work with you.

*If you would like to send electronic transcripts, please e-mail the transcripts to admissions@alvernia.edu.

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