In today’s demanding workplace, communication, organization and leadership skills are essential for any job path. A minor in Computer & Information Studies (CIS) from Alvernia University can help you develop those skills and give you an advantage as you begin and advance in your career, regardless of your profession.

This minor will teach you to think critically in decision making and problem solving situations, enabling you to quickly analyze and resolve problems as they occur. You’ll acquire strategies to help you cope with deadlines in a fast-paced environment and to communicate and establish effective working relationships with others.

The CIS minor at Alvernia University is one of three minors related to Information Technology and is geared toward students who are seriously interested in programming. Other minors related to Information Technology are Information Studies, which is designed around business information needs, and Digital Media, which emphasizes communication tools.

Your Career

Computer & Information Studies is a versatile minor that, in conjunction with your major, can prepare you for a variety of rewarding careers. The knowledge and skills you’ll develop can help you to find employment in business, government, healthcare and the non-profit sector.

As a CIS minor you’ll take courses in programming, computer organization and other computer-related topics, providing you with skills that will set you apart from others in your field. With proper planning, a minor in WGS will complement your major and make you a viable and competitive candidate for jobs.

Graduates of Alvernia’s CIS program have gotten jobs with Vanguard, Martin Marietta Materials, First Energy Corporation, Rockwell International, UGI Energy Services, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories and many other companies that utilize cutting edge computer technology. CIS graduates work as business managers, on-line services managers, computer facilities managers, product development managers, database managers and in many other exciting positions. Some have started their own businesses, while others choose to work in the public sector.

For more information about Alvernia’s CIS program contact the Admissions Office at 1-888-ALVERNIA or 610-796-8269 or admissions@alvernia.edu.

Your Curriculum

All Alvernia students must successfully complete a minimum of 123 semester credits to receive a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. You must successfully complete 18 credits to earn a minor in CIS.

All CIS minors must complete:
CIS 151 Introduction to CIS I
CIS 152 Introduction to CIS II
CIS 226 Programming II
CIS 240 Computer Organization

Choose one from the following:
CIS 410 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 420 Database Management Systems
Or: choose three other CIS elective credits, not to include CIS 114 Microcomputer Applications

You can learn more about all courses offered by Alvernia University by viewing the 2017-2018 Academic Course Catalogue.

Your Real World Learning Experience
Alvernia believes that real world experience is extremely important, as it can improve your confidence and introduce you to professionals in your intended field of employment. All Alvernia students participate in service learning, a teaching and learning experience that enables students to get real-world learning while benefiting a community partner. As a CIS minor you might be involved with an organization that strives to improve conditions within the City of Reading or volunteer with a community healthcare partner.

Alvernia students, including CIS minors, also are encouraged to spend a semester at The Washington Center, an organization that offers residential academic programs and internships in the nation’s capital.

If you participate in The Washington Center program, you can gain practical experience by working in a Congressional office; government agency; religious institution; or an agency devoted to legal affairs, international relations or business and economic issues. Or, you may have an opportunity to intern with a non-profit organization that addresses social concerns, the arts, education, science or labor relations.

Research Opportunities
Research is a valuable aspect of any education. As a CIS minor, there may be opportunities for you to work with your academic advisor or a faculty member to identify and assist in a research project, or to benefit from knowledge gained through faculty research.

The Honors Program
If you’re academically gifted and highly motivated, you may want to learn more about Alverania’s Undergraduate Honors Program. Honors students have opportunities to take courses dealing with unusual topics and participate in a variety of activities.

The Eight-Semester Plan
You can do it! It’s easy to stay on track to graduate in four years if you pay close attention to what classes you need and make sure to take them in a timely manner. Advisors are available to assist in planning academic programs, course selection and registration, but it’s your job to make sure that you meet all academic requirements and comply with University policies.

Start planning well in advance for an internship, study abroad or other off-campus experience, as you’ll need to assure that you will be able to complete all required coursework.

Study Opportunities Beyond Campus
Your college years are the perfect time to broaden your horizons and participate in experiences that will change your life. Alvernia offers some great opportunities for students who want to spend some time studying beyond its campus.

In addition to spending a semester at the Washington Center, you might want to consider a semester abroad. Depending on your major and academic schedule, you could consider spending a semester at a college or university outside of the United States that has a strong computer program. Studying abroad not only enriches your academic life, but promotes understanding of different cultures and encourages new personal skills and achievements.

Study Abroad Programs
Alvernia’s Study Abroad Office works closely with students who want to spend one or more semesters in a different country. CIS minors have studied and traveled in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, England, Germany, Greece, Belgium and Austria.

You pay the regular Alvernia tuition while studying abroad, and continue to receive financial aid, if applicable. Credits earned count toward your Alvernia undergraduate degree.

If you’re interested in studying in another country you should start planning early, as you’ll need to start the application process about a year in advance.

You can get more information about these programs from the Study Abroad Office by contacting studyabroad@alvernia.edu.

Computer & Information Studies