Course Descriptions

PhD 731 Advanced Supervision and Leadership Theory (3 credits)

This course is an investigation of the research in the theories of, purposes and effects of supervision and evaluation in educational settings.  Supervisory models are explored, with a focus on approaches that involve teachers as members of collegial units. Imbedded in the course content is the analysis of leadership styles as related to supervisory practices.

PhD 807 Curriculum, Culture and Instructional Leadership (3 credits)    

This course content explores the major curriculum theories and their relationship to planning, improvement, and evaluation of school programs. The current literature and research on strategies for effecting curriculum innovation and change are examined and analyzed. An examination of the impact of current cultural influences both internal and external to educational organizations will be included.

PhD 821 Organizational Policy and Finance  (3 credits)

This course examines the role of leadership through fiscal policy development. Emphasis is on the analysis and development of effective fiscal leadership approaches. Included is an examination of the role of the financial manager in a modern corporate organization. Topics include: time value of money, financial analysis, risk analysis, financial forecasting, cost of capital, stock and bond valuation modes, capital budgeting, and investment decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

PhD 830 Current Issues in Education (3 credits)

The content of this course focuses on the complex political, societal, economic and global issues that impact schools and districts. Students explore issues such as diversity, federal accountability legislation, inclusion, unions, gender equity, comparative education and social justice. The role and responsibility of the educational institution in promoting equal opportunity will be examined.

PhD 885 - Internship (3 credits)

A one-semester internship will be required of all candidates seeking the Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility. This internship will allow the University Supervisor and a Site Supervisor the opportunity to assess the candidate’s demonstration and practice of knowledge and skills acquired during the program. It will allow the candidate the chance to integrate theory and practice in the real world of district leadership, applying fundamental concepts of district administration to a variety of educational projects and problems. Each internship will be customized to fit the identified needs of the candidate while at the same time allowing the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate identified role expectations and core/corollary competencies. Using current research and best practice, internships will provide “hands-on” capstone activities, completed while school is in session. During their course work and internship, interns must log a minimum of 360 clock hours of district-level project work. 180 hours are logged during course work (45 hours per course) and 180 hours are logged during the formal internship. 


Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility