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The two semester practicum is a requirement for all senior psychology majors.  Students enrolled in the practicum (PSY 412/413) must also enroll in the practicum seminar course (PSY422/423.) The practicum is designed to provide students with the opportunity to observe professionals in the field and practice entry level psychology skills under supervision. Students are placed in a community agency or research setting for a minimum of 100 hours each semester. Hours must be completed weekly throughout the 15 week semester (approximately 8 hours per week).

It is necessary to prepare for practicum placements during the junior year.  Students enrolled in PSY 412-422, must obtain clearances in the spring semester of their junior year. Students planning a December graduation, must begin the practicum sequence in the spring, starting with PSY 413-423.  The following checklist must be completed for the placements to be made in a timely fashion.

Junior-Year Checklist

  1. Obtain all required legal clearances and file them with Michele Pearson (Upland Center Room #223) by May 1st for fall placement and Nov. 1st for spring placement. Note: If clearances are not on file in the Psychology and Counseling Department prior to the first day of the semester, the student must withdraw from PSY 412-423. If the student fails a clearance, the course instructor will attempt to place the student in a practicum that does not require a clearance. However, the practicum agency makes the final decision regarding acceptance of a student within their organization.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Matteo.  Her office is in the Upland Center Room #123B. Bring the complete Practicum Information form to the appointment.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Career Development office and prepare a resume to take to your interview
  4. Prepare for the interview
  5. Check your Alvernia email address for notifications from Dr. Matteo. This is how Dr. Matteo will contact you regarding your practicum placement. 
  6. All placements must be approved by Dr. Matteo.  Students may not secure their own
  7. Practicum site unless they have consulted with Dr. Matteo prior.  
  8. For some placements, students will need to complete on-line applications or in-person applications directly. For other placements, Dr. Matteo will make the initial contact and provide students with instructions on contacting the appropriate supervisor. It is imperative that students follow through with these contacts as soon as they are given the information as many agencies have multiple students who want the same practicum placement. Students may need to go through a competitive interviewing process for your practicum placement.   
  9. Students must email Dr. Matteo with the results of the interview. It is imperative that students let her know when they have secured a placement.
  10. It is students’ responsibility to adhere to the guidelines provided in this checklist. Failure to do so may result in a failure to secure an approved placement.

Practicum Handbook

PA Child Abuse Clearance

PA Criminal History Report

FBI Criminal History Finger Printing Registration
(IMPORTANT:  Choose to have the form mailed to you and make sure you choose Dept. of Human Services)

Background Clearance Instructions

Contact Information

Peggy C. Bowen-Hartung, Ph.D., C.T.S.
Associate Professor
Psychology & Counseling Department Chair
Upland Center, Room 126c

psychology & counseling

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