Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4) with Special Education (Pre K-8)


Liberal Arts Core (54/55 credits)

Major Requirements (74 credits)
ED 200   Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education
ED 204   Human Development and Learning
ED 208   Health and Physical Education in the Elementary School
ED 209   Planning, Instruction & Assessment
ED 210   Methods for the Elementary Inclusive Classroom
ED 440   Teaching Science in Elementary School
ED 302   Principles of Writing Instruction
ED 310   Skills for Early Childhood Education
ED 313   Managing Classroom Learning Communities
ED 314   Teaching the Arts in Elementary School
ED 400   Assessment and Evaluation
ED 402   Professional Seminar
ED 403   Reading Methods for the Elementary Inclusive Classroom
ED 404   Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
ED 414   Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School
ED 436   Field Experience III
ED 470   Student Teaching
ED 472   Teaching Seminar
SPE 100   Introduction to Exceptionalities in Children and Youth
SPE 315   Teaching Reading/Language Arts to Students with Disabilities
SPE 335   High Incidence Disabilities
SPE 345   Low Incidence Disabilities
SPE 410   Evaluation and Progress Monitoring with Special Needs Students
SPE 425   Legal and Professional Practices in Special Education

Related Requirements (6 credits)
MAT 106  Mathematics for Teachers II
COM 270 ESL Teacher
Program requirements are subject to change. Contact your admissions counselor for the most up-to date-information.

Early Childhood (PreK-4) & Special Education (PreK-8)