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Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Center is pleased to announce our new Alvernia Student Health Portal.  Please check out the student health portal by following one of the links in this document or by visiting the logins page on the Alvernia University website or on the myAlvernia portal homepage.  Your username and password are the same as your Alvernia email username and password.  If you have difficulty logging into the portal please contact Alvernia’s 24/7 Service Desk at 610-927-2008 or

For more information regarding the student health portal, please check out this link.

Residence Life

Still looking for a place to live? Or do you have questions about your housing assignments for next year (Fall 2015)?

Please contact the Office of Residence Life at or at 610-796-8320. We are available all summer to answer any questions you may have.

Financial Aid

Please be sure to log into myAlvernia, go to the Finance Tab and Student Financial Planning to review your missing documents, received documents, and your financial aid package for the 2015-2016 award year.  If you are missing documents, there are a number of forms and links to help you through the process of completing and updating your missing information.  As always, you can also email with any questions or for additional assistance.

Save Student Aid

Proposals are being made in Congress to cut federal financial aid by $150 billion over the next ten years, including a nearly $1,000 cut to the maximum Pell Grant and charging interest on student loans for low-income students while they are still in school.

We urge you to join the Save Student Aid campaign being conducted by the Student Aid Alliance.  You can learn more, to help you communicate with your Congressional Representatives about this, by clicking on this link: campaign site. You can save more than just Student Aid though!  Because we want you to "Stay Connected," if you click here, you can be entered into a raffle to win up to $400 in text books for the fall just by logging into myAlvernia!

Your partnership in advocating for the preservation of federal financial aid will be much appreciated.  We will update you about this periodically, as well.

Career Development

5 Ways Community Service Can Get You a Job

Summer break is here, and you have a lot of down time, right? You’re probably thinking, “What can I do that is fun and rewarding?  Wait for it….wait for it….COMMUNITY SERVICE!!” 

1. Gain experience in your field: When it’s time for you to graduate and apply for jobs, you might ask yourself “How am I supposed to gain experience if no one will hire me without experience?” The answer to that mystery is, yes-you guessed it, community service. Volunteering your time in the field is a great way to gain experience and learn about the “ins-and-outs” of the world of work.  

2. Polish your transferrable skills:  Do you know how to be a team player, have good public-speaking skills, mediate problems, write reports, or balance money? These are all transferable skills, meaning they can be used in more than one setting. Sharpening these skills make you a well-rounded individual and more appealing to employers because you already have a basic skill set developed!

3. Build your network & résumé: Remember the partner you walked dogs with at the Animal Rescue League?  You just found him/her on LinkedIn and realize he/she works for your dream company.  Instant referral! This person can comment on your work ethic and probably has an idea of what your goals and achievements are. And hey, if you get a job out of it, you already have someone to talk to in the break room! #winning

4. Get noticed for all your hard work: Can’t get enough of working with the kids in the after school program?  If you go above and beyond of what is required to fulfill your Alvernia service hours, you will be recognized by the Holleran Center for your accomplishments.   Not only will the “Honors and Awards” section of your resume strengthen, Mom will be proud to hang that award on her fridge!

5. The reward of helping others in need: Aside from getting a job and building your professional network, it feels great to help other people, right? Being a good person feels so good! Take advantage of this down time you have between semesters and lend a helping hand. You never know, it may lead you to your full-time job.  #dowelldogood

Career Development
Bernardine Hall Suite 103
Summer Hours: M-F 9am-4:30pm

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