Information for Students

Contact Information

Sabrina Logozzo

University Life Assistant
Campus Commons, 1st Floor

Nate Swarr

University Life Graduate Assistant
Campus Commons, 1st Floor

Tracy Hine

Executive Assistant
Campus Commons, 1st Floor

Dr. Joseph Cicala

Vice President for University Life and Dean of Students
Campus Commons, 1st Floor

     Alvernia University
     400 Saint Bernardine St.
     Reading, PA 19607

Orientation and Cultural Activities

Students are required to take part in a group or individual orientation session with the Alvernia University Life Office before departure, and also a re-entry orientation session upon their return to campus.

Also, all Arcadia approved programs begin with a comprehensive in-country orientation, and co-curricular activities are scheduled throughout the program. Students are eligible to earn a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate through Arcadia University.

The re-entry orientation session is requested within two weeks of your return to Alvernia’s campus, to ensure a smooth transition back into your academic classes and to learn how to integrate your experience with your personal and career plans. You will have an opportunity to share your experiences with the wider campus community if you wish. 

Please watch for posted Events and Announcements to register to attend a group session, or to schedule an individual session with the Coordinator at 610-790-1982.