Center for Student Success

The Genesis Experience was created to support students through the process of selecting a major. Through individual advising, access to information and resources, workshops, and a credit-bearing course, students learn about themselves and the full range of academic options available to them.

Program Features


Students in the program often have diverse interests and are, in many cases, reflective thinkers who want to gather and consider information and options fully before making important decisions. Our emphasis on exploration and informed decision making helps students understand and channel these strengths. Program staff and faculty advisors take a holistic approach to working with students, helping them better understand themselves so they can confidently choose their path. They also work with students to provide them with resources and tools to help them explore majors and careers.


The Assistant Coordinator of the First Year Experience serves as an additional resource for students exploring majors. Working with the Coordinator of Career Services, she arranges for interested students to take interest assessments, meets with them individually to discuss strategies for exploring majors, and provides information about all majors and minors offered at Alvernia.

COL 190: Majors and Careers

This credit-bearing course is designed specifically for students who are in the process of deciding on a major and want to benefit from sustained and guided focus on the major selection process. Students will identify and evaluate interests, skills, values and life style preferences and relate them to educational and career planning. They will learn methods of self-evaluation, explore decision-making theory, learn how to locate, evaluate, and use information on majors and careers, and learn how to connect majors to careers.

Contact Information

Megan Adukaitis
Career Development Director
Student Success Center

center for student success

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