Freshman Foundations


Freshman Foundations is a one year support program for Alvernia freshmen who, based on their admission credentials, demonstrate that they have the potential to succeed in college but also that they need added support. It is not a pre-college or preparatory program but a freshman year experience.

Support comes primarily through a first semester learning community, regular academic advising and focused attention to study skills. Some students may, depending on the results of their placement exams, be required to take developmental courses in reading, writing, and/or math.  Over the course of their first year, students will take several courses that are restricted to students in the program; the majority of their courses will be taken outside of the program.  This balance ensures that they encounter a broad range of faculty and students, develop a realistic sense of the academic standards and expectations at Alvernia, develop independent judgment, and enjoy full membership in the Alvernia community.

Contact Information

Wanda Copeland
Freshman Foundations
Program Director

Center for Student Success
Phone: 610.796.8437

freshman foundations

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