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Why have I been admitted to Alvernia through this program?

It's important to understand that not all students who apply to Alvernia are offered admission. You have been admitted to Alvernia through the program for two reasons. First, your high school record or SAT score demonstrates that you have the potential to succeed in college and Alvernia would like you to be a part of our community. Second, that same high school record or SAT score also fell below the University's cut off for admission and strongly suggests that in order to realize your potential you need the additional support provided by the program.

Will the courses I take count toward graduation?

Except for developmental courses (based on placement), yes, all credit bearing courses that you take will count toward graduation. Most of the classes you will take as a freshmen will satisfy the Liberal Arts Core, which is required of all Alvernia students.

Will taking my freshman year in the program keep my from graduating in four years?

With the exception of students wishing to major in one of the health professions, inclusion in the program should not affect your ability to graduate in four years. However, like all students, how long it takes to earn your degree will depend on several factors. It will depend upon the number of credits you complete each semester, the grades you achieve and your ability to maintain good academic standing, and your choice of major. Depending upon the results of placement tests administered to all incoming freshmen during Connection Days, you may be required to take courses that do not count toward graduation and this could impact your ability to graduate within four years. However, many students take advantage of summer session courses to catch up if needed.

Will I have to take additional special courses because I'm in the program?

The program itself does not require you to take courses in addition to those required for the Alvernia undergraduate degree.   The only reason you would need to take an additional course is if your placement test results indicate you require basic study in reading and writing, and/or math.

Who can I contact for more information or just to talk about the program?

Wanda Copeland is the Program Director. She can be reached by telephone at 1-610-796-8437 or by e-mail at Please don't hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.

Contact Information

Wanda Copeland
Freshman Foundations
Program Director

Center for Student Success
Phone: 610.796.8437

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