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H1N1 Update, September 14, 2009

The presence of H1N1 on college campuses across the country has been getting much attention in recent weeks. It is our intention to ensure that the Alvernia campus community is kept informed about the status of this, or any other outbreak, on our campus. Therefore, this is the first of a planned series of periodic updates to the University community.
As of this writing, none of our students has been positively diagnosed with H1N1 flu. Two students have been asked to leave University housing and cease attending classes until flu-like symptoms subside, in keeping with our published University policy concerning those symptoms.   

A question that has been posed is “what should I do if my roommate or teammate is sick?” Symptoms associated with H1N1 flu are fever above 100 degrees, body aches, sore throat, and coughing. If your roommates or teammates exhibit these symptoms, please encourage them to visit the Health and Wellness Center on the lower level of Veronica Hall. If you experience these symptoms yourself, please go to the Health and Wellness Center. (During evening or weekend hours, resident students should contact their RAs, commuter students should contact their personal health care providers, and off-campus students who reside nearby may contact Public Safety at 610.796.8350 for appropriate referral.)

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