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H1N1 Update, October 26, 2009

This is the fifth in our series of periodic updates, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure that all are informed about the status of this or any other outbreak in our University community.
Since our last update (October 12), 14 students have been asked to cease attending classes and refrain from participation in other University activities, until flu-like symptoms subsided, in keeping with our published University policy concerning those symptoms. Those who are resident students also were asked to leave University housing. Twelve of the 14 students have been cleared for return, as of this writing. As of this writing, the University is aware that one of our students has been positively diagnosed with H1N1 flu. That student is among those who has been cleared for return.
Plans for H1N1 vaccinations continue. Once we have word about an anticipated arrival date for our vaccine supply, we will include additional information in an upcoming update. In the meantime, our Bookstore staff has been diligent in stocking helpful over-the-counter medications and related items.

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Vice President, University Life and Student Learning Experiences
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