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Any student beyond their second year at the university (Juniors, Seniors, 5th Year Occupational Therapy students, Graduate students, etc) have three housing options available to them: (1) they can join a university sponsored themed community in the upper class area (Academic Village), (2) create their own themed community through the Affinity Housing Program, and (3) go through housing selection and choose from available rooms. You may choose a themed community and select your roommates as long as all your potential roommates also select the same themed community as you.

 Alvernia University is committed to providing a living environment that assists our upper class students during the time when they are completing internships, fieldwork, and other practical experiences in the classroom while preparing them to transition our of college life. Alvernia offers students one distinctive university sponsored themed communities for upper class students in addition to allowing students to create their own community through the affinity housing program.

Academic Village

The Academic Village is available to any student beyond their sophomore year. The Academic Village offers extended quiet hours for all students (8p-8a) due to the students' involvement in pratical experiences (fieldwork, internships, etc.). In addition, a community facilitator assigned to the community offers programs focused on assisting the members transition our of college life and begin some career/life preparation for their future. Students who select this option are housed in Village 3. There is a GPA requirement of 3.0 for members of this community.

To select the Academic Village community, you will need to complete the additional Academic Village Application on the ARC Portal.

Affinity Housing

The affinity housing process allows students the opportunity to create their own themed community and be housed accordingly in Assisi or Siena Halls. Student choose a theme, a student representative, and a faculty/staff advisor through the application process. They create a community living agreement for its members and propose program ideas that relate to their theme. The Office of Residence Life will then either approve or deny their theme and assign them to their community. There is a 2.0 GPA requirement for all members of affinity communities.

For more information about Affinity Housing and the application process, please visit the Office of Residence Life.

Applications will be available on the ARC Portal when notified by the Office of Residence Life.


To access the Alvernia Residential Communities (ARC) Portal, please click on the logo above. 

residence life

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