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Information for New Incoming Students:

New students to the university are housed based on the interests in a Living-Learning or Themed Community. If you know of another students attending Alvernia as a new student, you may request that person as a roommate on your Housing Application only if you both plan on living in the same Living-Learning or Themed Community. We always hope that all roommate matches will result in lasting friendships. However, if things don’t work out, room change requests will be considered after the first two weeks of classes have been completed.
Alvernia University is committed to providing a living environment that support first year students’ academic achievement, personal interests, and/or co-curricular needs. Alvernia requires all first year students to live in a living-learning or themed community in one of our three first year residence halls. Alvernia offers three distinctive types of communities for students to choose from:
  • Curricular or Academic Communities
  • Co-Curricular Communities
  • Extracurricular or Interest-Based Communities
We offer 11 different communities that fall into one of these three categories. First year students will be asked to list their top preferences of these communities when completing their housing application.
  • Alvernia’s Academic Communities offer first year students the opportunity to live in a community with students of similar majors and academic coursework. This type of community allows first year students the opportunity to create study groups, develop relationships with the Learning and Educational Planning Centers, and focus on their academic coursework. There are three Academic Communities: (1) Health Sciences, (2) Mathematics & Sciences, and (3) Business, Arts, Theology, Communication, and Humanities (BATCH).
    • Health Sciences: The Health Science community is a community for Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Athletic Training, Health Sciences, & Behavioral Health Students.
    • Mathematics & Sciences Community: The Mathematics & Sciences community is a community for Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Forensic Science, General Science, and Physics.
    • Business, Arts, Theology, Communication & Humanities (BATCH) Community: The Business, Arts, Theology, Communication, & Humanities (BATCH) community is a community based for most of our Arts & Humanities programs.
  • Alvernia’s Co-Curricular Communities offer first year students the opportunity to live in a community that engages them in the mission, spirit, and activities that the university offers all of its students. This type of community allows first year students the opportunity to get more involved in students organizations & campus life while giving them valuable leadership and life skills. There are five Co-Curricular Communities: (1) Crusader Spirit, (2) Academic & Career Explorations (ACEs), (3) Ignite Student Leadership, (4) Common Ground-Global Education & Awareness, and (5) Serving Reading.
    • Crusader Spirit: The Crusader Spirit community is designed for students that want to fully immerse themselves in the traditions and campus life at Alvernia University. Activities include participation at athletic events, involvement in student activities, etc.
    • Academic & Career Explorations (ACEs): The ACEs community is designed for students that entering Alvernia University is an undeclared major. The community partners with the career center to assist the students in examining potential majors and career options throughout their first year.
    • Ignite Student Leadership: The Ignite Student Leadership community is designed to engage students in the process of leadership development. The students in this community will participate in a two semester leadership seminar designed to assist them in becoming strong campus leaders.
    • Common Ground-Global Education & Awareness: The Common Ground community offer students the opportunity to engage in conversations and experiences which highlight the growing diversity of our local area of Reading and the nation.
    • Serving Reading: The Serving Reading community will offer students the chance to engage in one of Alvernia’s core values…service. Students will have the opportunity to participate in community specific service projects through our Holleran Center for Community Engagement.
  • Alvernia’s Extra-Curricular Communities offer first year students the opportunity to live in a community with students that have similar personal interests. This type of community allows students to make social connections with students that share similar personal interests.  There are three Extra-Curricular Communities: (1) Outdoor Activities & Recreation (OAR), (2) Fitness, Athletics, Sports, & Training (FAST), and (3) Just Arts & Music (JAM).
    • Outdoor Activities & Recreation (OAR): The OAR community is designed for students who enjoy outdoor lifestyles. Students who enjoying hiking, playing disc golf, or other similar activities will feel right at home in this community.
    • Fitness, Athletics, Sports, & Training (FAST): The FAST community is designed for students who lead a more active lifestyle in terms of exercise and personal fitness.
    • Just Arts & Music (JAM): The JAM community is for students who enjoy talking about new musical artists, singing or playing musical instruments, painting, drawing etc. 

residence life

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