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Residential Communities

Residential communities provide students from all class levels the opportunity to live in a residential setting which promotes greater involvement and learning.  Alvernia grants all students the ability to create their own residential community or live-in a university sponsored themed community based on their class level. The two residential communities sponsored by the Office of Resident Life are the (1) Community Housing by Occupation, Interests, and Civic Engagement (CHOICE) Housing and (2) Connect: First Year Living Communities.

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Community Housing by Occupation, Interest, & Civic Engagement (CHOICE) Housing

CHOICE Housing launched in the fall of 2012 and is designed for all of our sophomore, junior, and senior returning students. Students participating in CHOICE Housing can choose to either (1) create their own community theme (affinity housing) or (2) choose to live in a university sponsored themed community or building (Academic Village and Sophomores Serve). For more information on these communities click here. 

Connect to First Year Living Housing Program

Our Connect to First Year Living Housing program started in fall 2014. All first year Alvernia students are required to live in a themed community.   Students can choice to live in one of four types of first year communities: (1) Academic Based (Health Sciences, Mathematics and Science, and BATCH-Business, Arts, Theology, Communications, and Humanities), (2) Co-Curricular Based (Ignite Student Leadership, Serving Reading, Academic and Career Explorations-ACEs, and Crusader Spirit), (3) Interest Based (Just Arts and Music-JAM and Fitness, Athletics, Sports and Training-FAST/Outdoor Activities and Recreation (OAR), and finally (4) Transfer Student Community. For more information on these communities click here. 

residence life

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