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Educational Planning

Summer can be an important time for students to focus on their educational plans, get back on track, or get ahead! Students should visit the EPC or talk to their advisors about ways to make summer break work for them.

Alvernia offers summer courses in a variety of formats, including 100% online. Your student should be sure to chat with his or her academic advisor about transferring in credits from your local community college or taking summer courses here.

Get Ahead with Summer Classes

Alvernia summer courses run in several time slots. Days and times vary; blended, 100% online, and face to face formats are offered. 

Mod 5    5/16/16 – 6/30/16

Mod 6    7/5/16 – 8/18/16

Financial aid might not cover summer, so it is always a good idea to check with Student Financial Planning before registering for a course. 

To register for a summer course at Alvernia, a student should:

  1. Talk to his/her advisor about how it fits in the student’s  educational plan
  2. Make sure her/his advisor authorizes summer classes in our self-service system
  3. Register for the course in self-service.

Courses at other institutions

Taking summer courses at other universities sometimes is a good idea if the student wants to transfer in credits and is not concerned about bringing up the GPA.  Credits will transfer if a C or better is earned, but the grade will not. 

To register for a summer course at another institution, the student should

  1. Talk to his/her advisor about how it fits in the student’s  educational plan
  2. Fill out a Transfer Credit Approval Form (found on the myAlvernia portal forms and docs page, in the Educational Planning Center (EPC) or in the Registrar’s Office) and attach a course description
  3. Get signatures from the advisor and the chair of the department that houses the similar course at Alvernia
  4. Submit the form to the Registrar’s Office before starting the course! It is important to do this so that you are certain the course will transfer in!
  5. Then register for the course at the alternate institution. Later, request that a transcript be sent to Alvernia once the course is completed.

Taking courses through OCICU

A third option is to take an online course through the OCICU, the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities. Courses taken through OCICU will count toward the GPA.  Information about course offerings can be found on the Distance Education website here:

To register for a summer course via the OCICU:

  1. Browse the course offerings listed on the Distance Education page
  2. Discuss this option with the advisor
  3. Fill out the appropriate paperwork, which can also be found on the Distance Ed page listed above.

 Student Financial Planning

Have you heard the great news in the world of financial aid?  Beginning October 1, 2016 you will be able to complete your 2017- 2018 FAFSA form; yes that’s right, 2017-2018.  No more having to leave your New Year’s Eve party early to run home, log in and submit your form.  The other awesome thing about filing early is that you will be using your 2015 tax information, so there is no reason not to file in October since your 2015 taxes were completed earlier this year.  If you filed a FAFSA for 2016-2017 you will be using the same income in 2017-2018, which is now referred to as prior-prior year income.  If the 2017-2018 academic year will be your first year to file a FAFSA, you will have your income right at your fingertips, you no longer need to complete with estimated income or wait for your taxes to be completed.

This is a change approved by President Obama earlier this year to simplify the application process.  It will have a meaningful impact on college choice by aligning the admissions and financial aid process and providing your financial aid package much earlier in the college decision process.

If you are a returning student to Alvernia in Fall 2017, having your FAFSA completed in October rather than sometime during the spring semester can take a load off your shoulders and now let you concentrate on having a great semester and end to your academic year!

Below are a couple of videos discussing the changes and why this change is important to you and us.

Health and Wellness

If your student is not currently utilizing the Student Health Portal, the Health & Wellness Center staff asks you to encourage him or her to do so.  The Student Health Portal is the primary mode of communication between our staff and the student in regard to medical records.  Your student can utilize the portal for the following functions:

  • Completion of required health forms (My Forms)
  • Completion of the annual insurance decision form available after June 1 (My Forms)
  • Submission of immunization records, physicals, tuberculosis testing, and medical record updates (Document Upload)
  • Notification from the Health & Wellness Center regarding medical requirements (Messages)
  • Print current immunization history (My Profile)

Students can access the portal directly at 

Students who will be participating in an off-campus learning experience (internship, field work, student teaching, clinical rotation) in the fall should check with the Health & Wellness Center regarding any additional health requirements for their sites.  It would be best to do this once they have confirmed site placements with their departments and early enough in the summer to allow time to complete these requirements.

It is important for new students and students participating in off-campus learning experiences in the fall to submit all forms, supporting documents, and images to the Health & Wellness Center by August 1 in order to prevent any delays in moving onto campus and participating in the educational experience.

Finally, the Health & Wellness Center does periodic review of student medical records. It is important to the health and safety of our campus that students maintain the minimum vaccination requirements.  We will contact your student if he/she needs to update any vaccines.  Timely response to these requests is important to prevent future registration delays.


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