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Student Housing Selection

Our students also are preparing to make their housing applications and selections for next year, a process closely associated with registration for fall semester classes. (Registration for fall semester classes is required in order to finalize the housing application.) Living on our campus is an integral part of your student’s college education. In fact, results from research conducted on our campus shows just how important living in on-campus housing can be to a student’s success. Students who live in university housing at Alvernia:

• earn higher grades
• are happier with their college experience
• have more positive contacts with faculty and staff
• use academic support resources more frequently
• feel a greater sense of membership in the University community
• report greater improvement in multiple areas of academic and personal growth
• feel less overwhelmed and more able to manage their time

As residents, students also have more opportunities to get involved with the social, cultural, and extracurricular activities on the University campus. And the more connected students are to the University’s community, the more relationships they develop. As a result, the more satisfied they tend to be with their total college experience.

As the deadlines for applying for on-campus housing come closer there are a few details you should be aware of. In order to be eligible for campus housing, students must complete the following steps:  1) complete our online housing application 2) pay the housing deposit 3) register for 12 or more credits for the fall 2016 semester.

The deadline for all three steps is April 8th.

In addition to our traditional housing options students can become even more involved in their housing by participating in a number of co-curricular and interest based communities (CHOICE Housing). For returning students, those communities include Sophomore Serve, Academic Village, and Affinity Housing.

• Sophomore Serve is a community that will work with the Holleran Center for Community Engagement to continue engaging in service opportunities in the local community.
• Academic Village is a community that centers on dedication to academic rigor through extended quiet hours and extra learning support.
• Affinity Housing is designed for a group of students who want to live together under a theme of their choice (Cancer Awareness, Men's Baseball, Berks Animal Rescue League, etc.) and complete at least one service and community project each semester. Students interested in this housing option will need to complete the application by mid-March.

If you have any questions about our housing selection process, housing options, or the advantages of living on campus, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residence Life at 610.796.8320.

Registration for Fall (and other) Classes

Registration for classes at Alvernia for Summer and Fall 2016 is fast approaching. It begins on Monday, April 4 with our current Seniors. Juniors may begin registering on April 5, Sophomores on April 6 and Freshmen on April 7.

Prior to registering, students must meet with their academic advisors. They will discuss grades, classes, majors, plans, transfer credits, study abroad, internships, employment, future schedules: anything that is relevant to the student’s academic progress. A student will not be able to register until the advisor has authorized it and until all holds on the student’s account (signified by “stop signs” in a student’s record in our Self-Service system) are removed.  

In some cases, students might want to considering another class to their spring semester schedule.  MOD 4 begins on March 10 and might be a good idea in order to maintain satisfactory progress or to improve grades.  Summer sessions begin on Monday, May 16.  

A student who does not have a grade point average at the level required for satisfactory progress in the major or overall will have been notified by a letter sent to the home address. This letter will have come from the Provost, the Educational Planning Center, or the Chair of the major department.

Help is available for all students, year-round, in many places: Office of Residence Life, Student Financial Planning, Student Billing, Registrar, Public Safety, Athletics, Educational Planning Center, and from many individual staff and faculty members who are ready and even eager to assist every student to succeed. Please encourage your student to take advantage of all the opportunities at Alvernia. Below you will find some of the web links for more information:

•         EPC:
•         Student Billing:

Alternative Breaks

Washington D.C.

Partnering with Franciscan Mission Service, this trip will be focused on Healthcare, and the types of issues affecting the health of people who are materially poor or homeless. They will be volunteering at a variety of agencies providing health services to people in Washington D.C. as well as volunteering with local area meal programs.


Students will be working with Beans and Rice a local community resource building organization. Beans and Rice provides hunger relief, after school programs and financial literacy programs to aid those who are experiencing material poverty or are on the margins. Students will take part in community development workshops so as to better understand the issues those in the region face. Students will gain a rich understanding of the role of the individuals working together to develop a vibrant rural community.


This is a  week-long immersion experience at Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia’s Interfaith Encounters program. Students will meet, interact, and work with members of religious groups different from their own.  The program combines interfaith learning, visits to 5-6 diverse faith communities, and intensive community service. Students will gain a richer respect for diversity and difference, which goes beyond mere tolerance.

To learn more contact Campus Ministry at 610-796-5512 or

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