New Students

Requesting Accommodations for the Placement Assessments


Students requesting ADA accommodations for placement assessments must submit proper documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator. Documentation review can take a week or more, so please submit your documentation as soon as possible to allow time for you to take the assessments, have time for them to be assessed, in ample time to register for the upcoming semester.
If you are requesting accommodations, DO NOT follow Step 2 to the “Take the Math Assessment” or “Take the Writing Assessment” links on the Placement Assessment page. Instead, you may skip directly to Step 2.  Once your documentation is reviewed, you will be directed to alternate assessments that reasonably meet your accommodation requirements.
To request accommodations, please send the following:
Disability Services Intake Form
Documentation Guidelines                 
The Intake Form and documentation can be sent in any of the following ways:

    Alvernia University Disability Services
    c/o Sandy McEwen
    400 Saint Bernardine Street BH 1102
    Reading PA, 19607

If you have any questions, please contact Disability Services at 610-568-1499.