Multicultural Initiatives

The Multicultural Initiatives Office welcomes, celebrates and supports students from all backgrounds. Alvernia University promotes understanding, unity and appreciation of the growing diversity of our campus, affirming the inherent value and dignity of each person, regardless of race, gender differences, national origin or religion. The campus community recognizes ethnic awareness with respect and openness to the richness and wisdom of various groups so that students can prosper academically, and socially.

Through the full use of all institutional services and resources, the office works together with all areas of the campus community to implement multicultural programs such as a calendar of social and cultural events, and other co-curricular activities designed to support the success of all students. The Multicultural Initiatives staff is available to students on both a formal and informal basis to discuss issues, implement ideas, and help problem-solve.

Our office has an open door policy and encourages members of the community to visit and share your program ideas, questions, to get updates, or to volunteer with multicultural projects.


Our Services

  • Work in collaboration with the college community to implement multicultural programs to support the success of the underrepresented population.
  • Host programs and classes relative to multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Be available to students, especially those from underrepresented groups, on both a formal and informal basis to discuss issues, implement ideas, help solve problems, and direct to appropriate channels for resolution of issues.
  • Serve as a resource to deliver programs to increase the cultural competence of the professional staff.
  • Plan and implement student-focused programs.
  • Develop and address current and potential student interest in diversity needs, issues and opportunities.
  • Promote and support services learning opportunities for students to apply academic lessons in multicultural settings.
  • Facilitate and provide personal growth and leadership development opportunities.
  • Serve as referral and liaison to various campus departments, organizations, and committees.
  • Enhance and encourage opportunities of student involvement and programming opportunities for currently enrolled students.
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Annual Events
  • Heritage Celebrations: Hispanic Heritage Month, Martin Luther King Celebration, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian/Pacific History Month, Cinco de Mayo
  • Annual End of Year Transcultural Luncheon
  • Diversity Workshops and Speakers
  • Cultural Excursions
  • Trans-Cultural Nursing Class
  • Annual Multi-Cultural Conference

multicultural initiatives

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