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    Grammarly is a web-based proofreading service that is free for Alvernia students. Sign up for a premium account using your Alvernia email address. If you have trouble accessing Grammarly, contact the Writing and Learning Center for assistance. Grammarly identifies grammar and spelling errors and links directly to a virtual writing handbook, so you learn why they are mistakes. Grammarly also includes a vocabulary optimizer and plagiarism checker. You can import your file and export it as a Microsoft Word document with the changes you made based on Grammarly’s suggestions.

    Grammarly offers students many other useful features other than the web-based Editor. Now you can add Grammarly as an extension to your web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) by clicking the “Apps” link on the left of your Grammarly Editor screen, so Grammarly can proofread virtually anything you post online. You can also install Grammarly as an add-in for Microsoft Office, which is great for proofreading those papers in the Microsoft Word program or proofreading your outgoing Outlook emails (note: Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Autosave are disabled when Grammarly is enabled in Microsoft Office, so you may want to disable Grammarly until you are finished drafting). You can even create a Grammarly shortcut on your desktop so you can access Grammarly without using a web browser. Drag and drop files into the desktop Editor to proofread in a snap!

    Remember that Grammarly can occasionally make incorrect suggestions, so always consult the virtual handbook models to see if you should apply the suggested edit.

    Using Grammarly does more than just proofread your papers; it makes you a better writer!

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