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Preparing your one-minute "Infomercial"

These remarks serve as your introduction-the what you say after you say "hello." They should last about one minute, or the time it takes to travel from the first floor lobby to the second floor of an office building. In that time you should be able to quickly summarize what you want and what you have to offer.

Be sure to:

• introduce yourself
• express your interest in a particular position
• state what you have to offer
• demonstrate your knowledge of the company

Remember, this will not replace a firm handshake and must be accompanied by a copy of your resume and good eye contact.

It is surely appropriate to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE this commercial so you can do it clearly and in a relaxed fashion. It will require some research on your part and some self-awareness to articulate all the pieces of the "commercial". It will also surely change with each employer you approach, though repeating themes or observations are 

Infomercial Example:

"Hello, my name is Sandra Brown and I'm an accounting major at Alvernia University. I have maintained about a B+ average and was active in the Phi Beta Lambda chapter at Alvernia. I recently completed my internship with a major accounting firm and through that experience have decided that a smaller firm like yours would be more suited to my personality and work style. While at my internship I certainly worked hard and enjoyed the challenges of accounting, but I did miss the spirit of team effort. It would seem from your website that you pride yourselves on fostering that sense of working together. I'm hoping that today you can tell me more about Staff Accountant positions with your firm. "

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career development

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