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Students Teaching Others Peace (STOP)

STOP is a club for all students interested in promoting human rights around the world. This group seeks to raise awareness of human rights issues worldwide, advocate for a change to social injustices, and promote peacemaking in our community and around the world.


  • Help raise awareness of human rights violations, past or present
  • Allow for the opportunity to work in service, while advocating for changes toward our ultimate goal
  • Provide a time and place for those who are interested in human rights to learn and discuss outside of the classroom setting
  • Make a difference in our Alvernia University community, through awareness or achievements promoting our cause

President: Marissa DeLucia
Education Chair: Nora Buck
Event Planning Chair: Jennifer Kingman
Advertising Chair:  Jennifer Kaucher
Communications Chair:  Brittany Pesta
SGA Rep:  Jessica Seyler

Special Links:

one bus
    The ONE bus visits campus!

invisible children
    Invisible Children film screening

registered student organizations

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