Project Highlights:

• A35,000 square-foot academic wingto house leading-edge inter-professional education programs and integrate clinical opportunities that will engage students in athletic training, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing and social work programs to enhance total patient care in real world settings. Academic spaces will be designed to promote shared learning and integrative practices across a broad spectrum of healthcare and human service fields. This approach helps students develop expertise within their individual disciplines while enhancing understanding of other fields and demonstrating the importance of teamwork and effective communications in integrated patient care.

• A 70,000 square-foot field house, designed to provide indoor recreation space for all students and the campus community. Included in the facility is a six-lane, NCAA competition-level indoor track. Four, full-sized sport courts will also be offered, providing space that will complement Alvernia’s current Physical Education Center as an indoor practice facility for a variety of athletic activities including baseball, basketball, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track and volleyball. Alvernia’s Physical Education Center will continue to be the Golden Wolves’ main competition venue, while the PLEX will offer practice space and become the main venue for varsity wrestling, indoor track and the university’s thriving intramural program.

•Campus visitors as well as Alvernia students will benefit from 200 new parking spaces. 


Enhancing the Community:

The Flynn PLEX and East Campus project is the latest in a series of improvements Alvernia has made to Angelica Park and the surrounding neighborhood that have greatly enhanced the area’s appeal and improved the neighborhood’s value. In addition to establishing a popular disk golf course and regularly maintaining park facilities through lawn care and trash removal, Alvernia recently repaved Saint Bernardine Street, the main roadway that runs through Angelica park. The university also installed lighting and replaced an aging bridge in the park — allowing buses and fire safety vehicles to use the roadway. 

Alvernia has always viewed its role as a community partner, a concept that is vital to its mission. The partnership takes many forms including initiatives that have a positive economic impact on the region and city of Reading like voluntary payments made in lieu of taxes, and services rendered in lieu of taxes, (including maintaining Angelica Park and rental discounts given to the Reading Police Academy which is located on Alvernia’s campus). The value of those initiatives is more than $150,000 a year.

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