Are You Ready to Interview? Preparing for Your Job Interviews

Alvernia University's Cynthia Mensch, Director of the Schuylkill Center, was published May 25, 2014 in the Republican Herald Newspaper with tips on preparing yourself for your first job interview after graduation. Are you ready to interview? Once you have been selected for a job interview, it's important to prepare properly. That means research the company, practice interview questions and answers, wear appropriate interview attire, and, after the interview, send thank you letters to your interviewers.

Learn more about the company for your interview. Knowing as much as possible about the company's past performance and future plans can make your interview more interactive and will be an advantage in a competitive job market.

Q & A:
Practice makes perfect! There are many websites that offer practice interview questions and answers. You can search the websites, but don’t forget that you can create questions and answers with the research you have done on the company. You can practice with a friend or video your responses to watch and critique yourself. Preparing answers to commonly asked questions will help you analyze your background and qualifications for the position.

When interviewing for a professional position at a traditional company, it's always important to dress professionally and to dress in your best business attire, regardless of the dress code of the organization. Stay away from sleeveless tops, short skirts, sandals, for women; khaki’s or casual pants and sneakers for men.

Thank you notes:
Write a personal, handwritten thank you note within 48 hours of your interview. There are many thank you note templates on the web, but be personal, and be you. That’s what employers are looking for!

Remember the above tips are exactly just that, tips. Be prepared, be yourself, and be confident!

Cynthia Mensch

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