Golden Wolves Nickname — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

August 28, 2017

Why Golden Wolves?
Overwhelming consensus among members of every Alvernia constituency group revealed that Golden Wolves resonates well not only for athletic teams but also with students, faculty, and alumni alike. Adding ‘golden’ to the name represents excellence and highlights one of the university’s traditional colors. Additionally, the iconic story of Saint Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio presents many opportunities for Alvernia to emphasize its Franciscan heritage.

How will the new nickname impact the athletics program?
The selection of Golden Wolves helps begin a new chapter for the Alvernia athletics program and comes at a very exciting time for the university community. Along with current renovations of the Physical Education Center and future plans for the PLEX (a 100,000 square foot, mixed-use academic and recreation facility), the new nickname will help spur excitement and enthusiastic support for the athletics program. 

When will Alvernia sports teams start using the new name?
Alvernia’s sports teams have already begun using the Golden Wolves nickname. 

Where can I find Golden Wolves logos or creative visuals?
Please contact Alvernia’s Sports Information Office for athletic visuals and usage. The university’s main (non-athletic) logos are available though Alvernia’s Marketing Department. 

How was the new name selected?
A 22-member, university-wide task force, representing students, faculty, athletic and other staff, Bernardine Sisters, alumni, trustees and parents, was appointed to create an open process with ample opportunities for university community members to share suggestions and rationale. After establishing principles to guide the process, the task force received more than 200 submissions. Interestingly, more than one-third were a variety of ‘wolf.’ The task force also facilitated focus groups among university constituents. The top selections were presented to the president, who made the final decision, unanimously endorsed by the Board of Trustees.

What criteria did the task force use? 
Each submission was thoughtfully rated by all committee members, using four guiding principles:
• Strength of connection to Alvernia’s Franciscan heritage
• Capacity to enhance the university’s visibility and institutional image
• Gender neutrality
• Ability to expand support and enthusiasm for Alvernia athletics program

What were some of the other nicknames considered?
All 228 submissions were considered carefully and individually. Interestingly, more than one-third of submissions were a variety of ‘wolf.’ It is important to note that some nicknames were eliminated because of copyright issues, and others were too closely aligned to university athletic competitors or local schools.

Why is Alvernia changing its nickname?
We sought a nickname directly linked to our Franciscan heritage. The story of St. Francis and the wolf is universally beloved as emblematic of our core values of service, humility, peacemaking, contemplation, and collegiality and the spirit of peace, harmony, and inclusiveness that Franciscans aspire to and that Pope Francis upholds.

But Alvernia has always been Franciscan. Why change now?
A decisive factor has been the strong advocacy for this change by the leadership team of the university’s Catholic sponsors, the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters, and the university-wide commitment to our Franciscan mission and core values. 

Are you changing your school colors?
No. Maroon and gold continue to be Alvernia’s school colors. 

Will the Crusaders name be completely removed from the campus?
No. The Crusaders nickname is part of our university’s history. So “Crusaders” will still appear on existing commemorative banners, trophies and other items from our past accomplishments.

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