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What is myAlvernia?

MyAlvernia is a web portal which connects users, including students, faculty and staff, to personalized academic, financial and campus information.  Because myAlvernia ties directly to Self-Service, it provides direct access to Section Search, Online Registration, Billing and Financial Aid information, Course Schedule, Grades, and other Self-Service features.

How does myAlvernia differ from the Alvernia website?

The purpose of myAlvernia is to provide access to personalized information and collaboration tools. The Alvernia website will continue to be available for general information.

How do I access myAlvernia?

From the Alvernia website,, click on the myAlvernia link at the bottom of the page, or the myAlvernia link on the Logins page.  Or, type in the URL:

What is my username and password for myAlvernia? How do I log in?

The username consists of the first 4 letters of your last name + last 6 digits of your student ID

The password is based on the first 4 letters of your last name (first letter capitalized) + pound (#) sign + last 6 digits of your Alvernia ID

Example:  If student John Smith’s Alvernia ID is 000123456
His myAlvernia username is smit123456
His myAlvernia password is Smit#123456

After logging into myAlvernia with the default password, you should set a new password.  To do so, click on the Change Password link on the left side of the myAlvernia home page.  Be sure to follow the password requirements listed on the screen.   Since myAlvernia and Self-Service are connected, changing the password in myAlvernia also changes it for Self-Service.

Can I log directly into email and Blackboard from myAlvernia?

While links to email and Blackboard are available on the myAlvernia home page, you will need to enter your username and password for these systems since they are not directly connected to myAlvernia.

As a student, what information is available in myAlvernia?

MyAlvernia includes access to forms and documents relating to University Life, Residence Life, Health and Wellness, the Learning Center, Study Abroad, and many other departments. The forms and documents can be accessed via the “Forms and Documents” tab and generally are also on the applicable department tab.

If Self-Service and myAlvernia both provide access to my schedule, grades, and financial information, as well as online registration, which should I use?

Because myAlvernia includes additional resources and information as well as a direct link to Self-Service, you will likely find that myAlvernia is the preferred way to access both systems. 

Who do I contact if I have trouble logging into myAlvernia?

Alvernia’s 24/7 IT Service Desk
Phone: 610-927-2008 (ext 2008 from on campus)
Toll-free: 855-402-3828

myalvernia portal

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