Media Suite Room Reservation Requests and Procedures
Alvernia administrators, faculty, staff, and students are authorized to reserve time in the Media Suite.  If looking to reserve time for classwork, be sure to reserve the needed room or rooms with ample time. During the semester, students will be expected to reserve a time-slot when working on projects outside of the allotted classroom time. Understandably, those with reservations for a time slot will have first priority.

Media Suite Equipment Request and Return Procedures
There are two types of Media Suite equipment use: 

  • academic (classroom, project, presentation)
  • non-academic (events, personal)


Priority is given to the academic type, on a “first to reserve” basis.

In order for students to check out equipment, the instructor of the class or advisor of a club/organization must contact the Media Suite to grant permission for the equipment to be loaned out in the instructor's name.

In order to guarantee access to the equipment, it is recommended that reservations are made well in advance. After using equipment, please make sure that it is returned on time so that those who have also requested the equipment will not have to wait any time longer than scheduled. It is expected that the equipment is returned in the same condition as when checked out (with appropriate accessories included). Media equipment is available for borrowing on a short-term basis. All items must be returned within 24 hours. Equipment loaned out on Friday, is due for a return on the following Monday. A late return will incur a fine of $1 per day after the due date. For certain classes or projects, equipment may be needed for a period of several days. The Media Suite will accommodate such needs as long as there are no pending reservations. If returning equipment proves to be an issue, you may lose the right to reserve equipment.

For damages to an equipment item, the borrower will be responsible for the repair costs or the cost of the equipment. For a lost item, the borrower will pay a fine equal to the equipment cost.

Borrowers with limited experience using audio-visual equipment should learn how to set up the equipment and make sure they know how to operate the equipment prior to the scheduled event. Please Note: Basic tutorial sessions can be scheduled with Media Advisors.

The procedures are outlined as follows:

  • Equipment requests are to be placed using the Equipment Request Form. This form can be found in the Media Suite or on the Website at
  • Borrower must print the form and submit request in person
  • Students must obtain an instructor/advisor permission in order to check out equipment
    • Instructor/Advisor can sign the Equipment Request Form
    • Instructor/Advisor may email Media Advisor
    • Instructor/Advisor may call to verify approval
  • Borrower must provide a valid ID to verify identity (students must show school ID card)
  • All equipment must be picked up by the borrower and must be checked out in the Media Suite.
  • All equipment must be returned promptly after use and checked in at the same location.
  • The equipment user assumes the responsibility for the safety and security of the equipment. He or she must report any damage or malfunction, should it occur during use.

Contact Information

Location: Bernardine Hall - Room 023
Phone: 610-790-2955

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