Alvernia Montessori School

The Montessorri and the University

Montessori SchoolThough long associated with Alvernia College now University, the Montessori School operated independently as a mission of the Bernardine Sisters for most of its history. In the spring of 1997, Alvernia College signed an agreement with the Bernardine Sisters to manage the School financially.

Today, the Montessori School is a fully integrated enterprise of the University which prides itself on educating men and women from pre-school through retirement as members of the Alvernia Seniors College! The School is now housed in the for St. Anthony of Padua School facility in the Millmont neighborhood just one block from the University’s Upland Center which now houses the Department of Education.

In addition to several classrooms for the Montessori students and a gymnasium, there is a fully functioning classroom for college students majoring in education or related fields which allows for state-of-the-art classroom experiences and observation of pre-school and kindergarten students.

Montessori School

Alvernia U

Montessori School
211 Grace Street
Reading, PA 19611

alvernia montessori school

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