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Who may use this service?
The primary goals of this service are to support the information and research needs of the current students, faculty, and staff of Alvernia University and to educate our users in the best methods to access information.  You can submit questions any time without leaving your dorm, home, or office.

Who will answer my question?
A Reference Librarian at the Dr. Frank A. Franco Library Learning Center.

What kinds of questions can I ask?
You can ask any course-related research question you would ask at a reference desk in any library.  This might include:

Brief answers to factual questions Does the library have this journal?
I need an address for...
Help with search strategies Where should I start my research on...?
I've looked..., where else should I look?
Info on library resources & services I need help connecting to your catalog.
How do I get a copy of this article...?

In-depth research questions can be better addressed in person.  Please call 610 796-5517 to schedule an appointment with one of the librarians.

When will my question be answered?
The mailbox is monitored daily Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays.  Questions submitted on the weekend will be checked on Monday.  We will get back to you within two working days with either an answer to your question or a request for clarification.  If you need more immediate assistance, please phone the Library at 610 796-5517.

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What is the subject of your question?
Please provide a one-line subject to be used in the subject line of all follow-up messages.

What kinds of materials are you looking for?

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What type of project are you doing?

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If any, what's the deadline after which you can't use the information?

Enter your question below.  Please be as specific as possible...

Background information:

How will you use this information? Why are you asking the question?
It really helps the librarian to know this part!  Sometimes we can use our subject knowledge to think of other places to look for information, if we know how you will use it or what you want to get out of the answer.

What sources have you already tried? Please list databases, web sites, and print resources you have already consulted.  We don't want to duplicate your attempts.

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