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American Heritage Dictionary
This is the online version of the fourth edition of this dictionary, originally published in 2000. "Over 90,000 entries feature 10,000 new words and senses, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page color illustrations, language notes and word-root appendixes." Includes articles on regional patterns of American English, the Indo-European and Semitic roots of English, variation and change in our living language (how and why new words come into use), and usage notes. From (LII)

Language and Subject Dictionaries

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary
A dictionary based on the Webster Collegiate, with updates added annually. Hundreds of thousands of entries. Each word is accompanied by definition, pronunciation, usage, grammatical function, and a brief etymology. Includes a thesaurus. Misspellings return suggested spellings. The dictionary's search system supports internal wildcards and right hand truncation searching. Includes an extensive pronunciation guide and sound files for the pronunciation of many terms. (LII)

Rhyming Dictionary
This rhyming dictionary finds rhymes to searched words and also allows searches for definitions, synonyms, homophones, similar-sounding words, consonant matches, similar spellings, related words, and phrases. (LII)
"Language portal ... with more than 2500 dictionaries and grammars in over 300 languages, games that build language skills, and a forum ... for discussing language issues with the logophile community." Resources contain general and specialized vocabulary. Searchable and browsable. From a language products and services company. (LII)


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