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Librarian Assistance

Please contact a librarian if you would like assistance in finding journal titles published in your field.  We will be glad to assist you in this search process.  Check the Liaison webpage for a list of the librarians, contact information, and liaison assignments.

Publishing Tutorial

Publish Not Perish: The Art and Craft of Publishing in Scholarly Journals
(To access this tutorial, select Other for Campus Affilication and Status.)

This Libraries of the University of Colorado tutorial addresses the following issues:

  • Describe the role of scholarly publishing in an academic career
  • List the essential steps of planning and writing a scholarly paper
  • Develop a personal publication plan
  • Compare and contrast the different publishing models currently in use
  • Describe the types of articles you can write
  • List the pros and cons of collaborative authoring
  • Describe the tools and resources a scholarly writer needs to have on hand

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Identifying a Journal

  1. Focus your search
    Finding a journal that publishes articles that address the issues you write about is an important component of getting your work published.  Answering the following questions will help narrow your search to the most appropriate journals:
  • Who are the most important authors that address the issues you write about? 
  • Where do they publish their work?
  • What journals are published in your field?
  • Who publishes the journals?

The scope of articles considered for publication is often listed on the publisher’s website.

A measure of the influence of a journal can be found by using the eigenfactor ranking available at

  1. Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory allows you to search for all journals that publish articles on particular issues, such as addiction or domestic violence.

Use the Advanced Search when you want to apply limits, such as Refereed.

For Boolean Searches, use the drop down menu to select an appropriate index. For example, select Keyword for doing a keyword search. Enter your search terms, using the * to truncate where appropriate when doing keyword searches.

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Journal lists

To find titles of journals published in your field, check the websites listed below:

1. Thomson Scientific Master Journal List

View the journals indexed in the databases for the domain of interest.  The databases are listed under Journal Lists for Searchable Databases. Many of the journals have links to the publisher’s Website with a description of the scope of the publication.

2. Scopus

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. Scopus offers over 15,000 titles from 4,000 different publishers

A downloadable list of publishers is available on the Scopus in Detail page.

3. EBSCO Publishing

Journal titles and the publisher are listed for all the publications indexed in each of the EBSCO databases.

4. ProQuest Information & Learning

Use the Subject drop-down menu to select the appropriate databases.  You can generate a list of all the journals indexed.  The publisher, however, is not listed. You can find the publisher by searching for the journal title using a search engine.

5. Another approach to finding journal titles that publish articles on your topic is to do a search on your topic in the library article databases and note the journals retrieved in your search results.


Additional Resources

Public Library of Science (PLoS)
PLoS is a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource.

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
Social Science Research Network is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research. The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 197,700 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection, with many downloadable papers.

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