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Integrating the Library into Blackboard


Assist your students in finding quality information resources by integrating library resources and services into your Blackboard course.

Embed a Librarian into Your Bb Course

The librarian liaision for your subject area is available to guide your students in accessing and using the library information resources they need for your course. To add a librarian to your course, contact your librarian liaision to discuss the role the librarian can provide in meeting the information needs of your students.

The role of the embedded librarian can take various forms. Possible options include:

    1. Add the librarian's name and contact information for your students to contact with library related questions.

    1. Develop a course or subject guide.

      Course guides point students to library resources that are useful for a particular course and course assignments. They also provide tips on using the resources to access the needed information. (How to link to a course guide )

  1. Create a Discussion Topic in graduate level courses for students to ask questions about library related issues.
Topics are like different folders for the different discussions you are going to have in your class. A Library Questions Topic will allow the librarian to respond to student questions about library resources. The librarian will check the Discussion Topic several times a week to provide a timely response. Since multiple students will have similiar questions, all students will benefit from seeing the librarian's response. For instructions in creating a Discussion Topic, see the Backboard CE 8 Faculty User Guide p 23.


Link to Resources

Create a Reserve List of Electronic Articles

Creating a list of articles with persistent links provides an easy way for students to electronically access articles you select. (How to link to articles in a library database)

Find the Full Text of an Article

The Periodical link under Our Resources on the Library homepage points to library databases, publisher websites and Alvernia print subscriptions with the full text.  Enter the title of the journal and follow the links to the full text.  If no sources are listed, you can obtain the article through inter library loan.

Link to Full Text from Google Scholar

Set your Google Scholar Preference to link to the full text of articles in the library databases. (How to link to articles from Google Scholar)

Link to Information Literacy Tutorials

You will find links to information literacy tutorials under the How to section of the Library homepage.

Citation Guides
Aids for understanding citations, and style guides.

Copyright & Plagiarism
Alvernia University copyright policy and guidelines, and links to plagiarism resources.

Research Guides
Tutorials on accessing library information, tips on using databases, evaluating information sources, and intellectual property

Locate a Book in a Local Library

Search public, college and university librariers and locate a local library with the resources you need.  Books not in the Alvernia Library can be obtained through interlibrary loan by using the Request Item link.

Google Book Search provides a tool to locate the closest library to a student's home that owns a specific book. (How to find a book in a library near your home)

library information

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