On The John Updike Society

The John Updike Society is a not-for-profit organization, one of numerous single-author societies and groups that form the core membership of the American Literature Association.

Founded at the 20th Annual American Literature Association Conference in Boston on May 24, 2009, The John Updike Society is devoted to awakening and sustaining reader interest in the literature and life of John Updike, one of America’s most respected writers.

The Society’s first roundtable, “John Updike: Fifty Years of Literary Influence,” was moderated by James Plath and featured panelists Marshall Boswell, Lawrence Broer, Jack De Bellis, and James Schiff. It was that core group, along with Updike’s Shillington, Pa., contact, Dave Silcox, who founded the Society.

At the first business meeting, which immediately followed, members approved a mission statement and bylaws, then elected Plath as president/director, Schiff as director and editor of The John Updike Review, Peter Bailey as secretary/director, and Marshall Boswell, Jack De Bellis, Judith Newman, and David Parker Royal as the remaining directors on the board.

The Society currently has 95 members from 10 different countries. Members include Shillington High classmates of Updikes, as well as the current owners of the Updike childhood home at 117 Philadelphia Ave. in Shillington and the current owners of the Updike farmhouse in Plowville.